Systemdek IIX - is this a good buy?

I am thinking about buying this turntable as it was recommended by several people and is within my budget limit.
As I am new to this I will listen to any feedback you may have. Thanks, Rick

The package I am proposing is:
Systemdek IIX turntable. Plinth (base), arm, arm cable, platter, platter pad (not shown, a Nagoaka), and dust cover. the power cord is attached. For $350.00
Grado G2+ cartridge installed and aligned. I use a MFSL (mobile fidelity sound labs) GeoDisc to set up the cartridge. I will then listen to it and, perhaps, make fine adjustments based on sonic quality. I will then run my Cardas De-gauss record as a final test. For $50.00
I also highly recommend the AT-506 Isolation feet. (shown in pics) A set of four, each are height adjustable. I bought these new in Japan in 1976. For $60.00
I have the manual (not much to it) but do not have the original box.
I have shipped turntables via UPS in the past. I have come up with a fairly elaborate method for packing these things for a safe arrival. There will be some assembly required when you receive it. I will assist you via email. $20.00 packing fee for materials and estimated $30.00 UPS ground shipping.
This is a budget table. I had one. When I moved up to VPIjr Rega300 arm and Mc cartridge,big,big change . I have seen my set up for 700 used. And it depends on how good the rest of the pieces are.Good buy??IMHO,ok buy
I bought the same table, in near perfect condition for $135. I had to put a new cartridge on it, bought a Grado Black for $40. This table is used in my office system at work, and I have to say it performs admirably, certainly better than most CDP's. Jeff