systemdek IIX and rega rb250

Will the systemdek accomodate a rega rb250 and does anyone know if this is a good working match?
Not optimal. The Systemdek platter center to arm hole center is 210mm and I believe the Rega RB250 needs 223mm to achieve optimal setup; overhang etc. That being said I have a Origin Live Silver (same as Rega specs.) on my Systemdek and have the catridge all the way back in the headshell and it sounds very good but is probably not as good as it should be.
Why not fabricate a new armboard with the optimal distance for the RB250?

Use the original armboard as a template to locate your two mounting screw holes. Then redrill new centerhole for the new arm.
I fabricated a new arm board and it worked except the arm board was difficult to level azimuth (without shims). The suspension seemed designed for the center hole to be 210mm or the entire balance relationship of platter to arm board is off. I got better sound going back to the original board and adjusting the cartridge.
thanks guys! jbaussie i've been "lusting" after the origin live silver tonearm as i've been reading up on its merits on the internet, its supposed to sound pretty good. What cartridge are you using with it? Did you order it from Origin live? I've removed the bottom off my systemdek table because it has been said it performs better that way. I plan to add dampening material to the inside edges of the turntable, put it on spikes and also plan to isolate the motor by placing it in a cylindrical canister filled with leadshot or / stone/sand with blu tac holding the motor in place to see if this will yield any sonic benefits. I dont know much about this table. I have heard that its underrated in regards to its performance. jbaussie , just how good is the silver with this table? Or should I look at picking up a vpi jr or something? thanks guys for the info.
Just another Systemdek IIX owner here wanting to know a good tonearm or cartridge upgrade. Currently using a Profile tonearm and Grado cartridge. Anybody out there have other suggestions on improvements on a budget!