Systemdek IIX and a vpi scout

How will these compare in terms of sound? Should I keep my systemdek or will the scout be more musical? I dont mind things being on the slightly warm "glowing" side of neutral so ultra neutrality that is cool, sterile or clinical is not my preference, neither is wooly warm where I want to go either. Please indicate in your answer what kind of sound you prefer and what tables you've heard so i can know what kind of listener you are. What will the gains trade offs be? I'm not really into hifi as much as getting back to the music. That is I dont believe expensive equipment is the only way to get you "there." Thanks...vertigo.
Systemdek is a no brainer BARGAIN! I sold my Linn LP12, Rega3,Thorens 124, 125,160, Dual cs-5000, Rekokut etc etc - but kept the IIX
kind of a sideways move at best.....the audio note tt1 or tt2 would be a step up, but even then, not a big step. you are looking at 3 to 4k to hear an overall improvement if you buy a new table. nottingham, origin, well tempered, thorens(td 350 only),basis, rega, roksan(xerxes only).........these, plus others, can be found for less used of course. if your systemdek has been trouble free, i would be inclined to upgrade the cartridge a bit, and live with it.
Great! Very interesting response. In my mind i would have guessed the scout would be a significant jump. I was told a goldring 1042 would be a good combo, any other thoughts on what a good combo would be? Always also been curious about adding a rega arm to my systemdek. Anyone else want to chime in on the original question or any other question? Anyone disagree?
the goldring is a good combo with the systemdek. your arm would certainly be as good as a rega rb250, so upgrading arms might be a waste unless you find a great used deal.
Hey Jaybo,
So you feel the Profile arm is equal to a RB250? I was thinking of going the Rega arm route. The Profile on my 'dek is a 'J' arm having a slight curve toward the headshell. Do you know much about this arm and how do you feel it's equal to an RB250?

I have a IIX with the curved arm. I replaced it with my RB-250
and found it better, but then bought my Nott Interspace and put the Rega on it. For a period I found myself fighting a broken headshell lead so used the IIX. The Profile arm only suffers from an unstable counterweight mounting arrangement,
causing weak flabby bass. After experimenting with handi-tak, hot glue, lead tape, etc I took a leap of faith and JB-welded the cw stub to the arm. It works beautifully, no more flabby bass and everything else is fine for me. The stub is plastic
and I could not see a way to sub with a metal part. Do this at your own risk...
I have been planning an RB250 arm swap but have recently found many excellent comments concerning the Profile arm that my plans may change. I have been collecting tweaks for the IIX but have been busy tweaking other parts of the system, though I have Herbie's Way Excellent Turntable mat everything else is stock. A Dynavector 10x5 is in use currently with a Karat 17D2 in the wings.

I have the IIX with the OEM arm. I have tweaked the unit by apply Dynamat to the - plinth, suspension members, motor, motor mount and arm board. The difference can be heard with a stethescope. (I applied a reasonable amount to the suspension parts - didn't want to add too much weight. Additionally I have taken the bottom panel off and removed the foam from the springs and cleaned them and applied talcum to the rubber bushings.
Seems to me the Systemdek IIX is a giant killer. First - the suspension unlike most other units - can be adjusted from above. No need for go from underneath which is very awkward. Additionally it has a heavy glass platter. Most other suspended tables from that error came with metal platters. (Of course all can be changed to acrylic). I use use the Goldring 1012GX (I used to use a Grado - too much hum even with MuMetal applied)
The OEM arm appears to be the same model used in AR turntables like the Legend and EB 101. I too have thought of getting another arm but haven't because I'm not so sure it would be an improvement (when is the last time someone could demo an arm?) However I have heard nothing but good things about the Regas so I'm pretty sure the sound won't degrade and one can be bought used. (I think the mount is different so you will need to make a new arm board or change ithe existing hole if that's possible)
the profile just seems to work better (more balanced) presentation on this table. might be the suspended sub chasis working with the arm is a more synergistic way than with the rega.
I've never owned a VPI, however, presently own a mid 80's vintage Systemdek IIX with original Profile (Made by Jelco) tonearm with the removable headshell, and Sumiko Blue Point Special MC phono cartridge.

After owning a few Rega Planar 2's of various vintages, and a Planar 3, I am convinced that the standard Systemdek IIX is a better table than either of the Regas. I believe that the Profile tonearm is just as good as the RB 250 and almost as good as the RB 300 -- and it also offers the convenience of a removable headshell which makes changing cartridges a breeze.

I agree with one of the earlier posters, in that if you find a Systemdek IIX in good condition and for a reasonable price -- $200 - $500 on Ebay depending on cartridge and tonearm (or at the lower end minus both) that this table is a "no brainer."

It sounds fantastic, is easy to setup and maintain and has an understated elegance to it which is makes it attractive.

Moreover, like the Linn LP-12, the Systemdek IIX offers a sense of PRT (pace rythym and timing) which is quite good,
and helps to keep the listener involved in the music.

Next to my Sony Prowalkman WMD-6C and Linn Classik K, the Systemdek is the best money I have ever invested in hi-fi; a component that in spite of its modest price, faithfully honors the music.