Systemdek IIX ??

What are your thoughts on the Systemdek IIX TT with the stock(?) profile arm,pros, cons, cartridge suggestions? Does the arm have VTA adjustment? Can the glass platter be upgraded to acrylic, can the "Lift" or "Lifter"tonearm lift be installed on this unit? Looking for a good second rig.Any input would be appreciated.Thanks
As far as I know, no parts are available for that TT anymore. I think Audio Note TTs are a copy of it, but I don't know if the stuff is interchangeable. The Profile arm is a kind of entry-level arm, and I'm not sure if it has VTA or not. No parts available for it either. The Lifter should work fine on that deck. It was a fairly decent deck, but nothing to go crazy over. With the parts situation the way it is, you're on your own with that one. Personally, I'd look for something that you can repair if you have to. If you really like it, you might just get a new one from Audio Note. Or ask them if their parts will interchange with the old IIX. An older IIX should sell for about $200-$250. Don't pay more than that. Also, there is a thread in here about some guy that is thinking of selling his Ariston RD11S. Same company. Ariston changed it's name to Dunlop, then Systemdek. I think the RD11S is a better table. But he is having trouble with parts too.
I have a Systemdek IIX with the Profile arm and I love my turntable. If you can get one for $200, get one. I play it daily. The Systemdek IIX has some Linn qualities to it.

I have not looked into switching platters. I use the stock glass platter with an Extreme Phono Donut mat. It does have adjustable VTA. I use a Dynavector 10X4MK2 cartridge. I had my local dealer set up the Dynavector cartridge and he was very impressed with how it sounded on the Systemdek IIX.

Do a search on under "vinyl" for tweaks that can be done to the Systemdek IIX. Let me know if you have any other questions.