Systemdek II X Profile Arm Set-Up Info

Anyone willing to share info on setting up cartridges on the Profile arm? over-hang, etc? Thanks in advance for your help/advise

I have a Profile II arm. My post is right above yours....from what I know, the Profile arms share the same basic demensions as the Linn arms. You might be able to get Linn specs and see if it works.

Also, FYI, for the Systemdek - do not use Grado cartridges, you will get hum.

Hope this helps.

By any chance, do you have the Profile I or the Profile II arm..if you have the II arm can you help me with my forum question? It is a couple above yours.


I have a Systemdek although now far from original, having changed arm, motor and lined the inside and put on spikes. I believe you need a low mass cartridge. I have the original tone arm mounting template. It indicates 210mm from center spindle to center of tone arm hole (which is 19mm in circumference). From the center of the tone arm hole to the edge of what they call the rear space but appears to be edge of tone arm board is 61mm. Overhang in my case is specified by the cartridge maker. I would not stress on it too much. As long as your level and have VTA and VTF set you will be fine. Here is a post to me from Twl. a knowledgeble Audiogon member. Maybe it can help too.
03-26-04: Twl
The Systemdek was a pretty good table for the money, but they have been out of business for a long time. The newer Audio Note turntables seem to be a clone of the old Systemdek, and I suppose it is possible that even some parts may be interchangeable, but I'm not sure about that.

Hope this helps.