System worthy of XLR IC? If so, any recs?

My very modest main system is described below.

The Jolida amp unexpectedly arrived with XLR inputs - they weren't described in their literature - a very happy surprise.

I'm wondering if you experts think it would be worth swapping out my Red Dawn RCA IC for an XLR IC of some sort. And if so, if you have any recommendations for me in the $3-400 range. If there is such a thing.

It's not in the cards for me to buy and try a whole slew of IC's, but I could spin the wheel once if there's a compelling reason to do so.

My only other anticipated upgrade for a goodly while is the Cullen modification to my Sonos. After that I just need to just stop, let my ears catch up with my gear, and re-rip everything as lossless. Mostly the thing about my ears.

Thanks in advance for any advice. I can't stress enough what a fantastic resource this community has been for me.

PS Audio Classic Power Port AC outlet
Allied Electronics L10320 Wiremold power strip
Sonos 90 (not yet Cullen-ized)
PS Audio Jewel power cable
Anti-cable triple-shielded coax IC (sonos>dac)
Nordost Red Dawn RCA IC (dac>jolida)
Cambridge DACmagic
Jolida JD 302BRC amp
Gutwire AC cable
Rega SC42 speaker cables
Rega R5 speakers
Mapleshade 4" amp stand
Not a question of "worthiness," IMHO. My stuff has mostly both balanced and unbalanced inputs/outputs and I can't tell a dime's worth of difference. If you use really long lengths of interconnects, then it will pay to use XLRs. Otherwise, I wouldn't sweat it.
As does Dopoque, I'd be surprised if you could tell the difference between RCAs and XLRs in your system unless you need very long runs (15 feet plus).
I agree with Dopogue and Dr_joe.
I've tried it both ways in my systems and can't tell a difference.
that's awesome -- thanks!
You certainly do not have to spend $400 on a pair of xlr cables to find out!

Get an inexpensive pair (well under $50) and try them out.

The fact is that the xlr connection has greater or lesser benefits depending on what your devices do with such a signal once they receive it.

The dacmagic is supposedly a fully balanced DAC, and its output voltage at the xlr outputs is twice that of the RCA outputs. In principle, it's a cleaner signal.

I don't know enough about your amp/preamp to see whether the xlr will make much of a difference with that.
My system is balanced from source to amp. I prefer using balanced ICs but have never spent more than $150 per pair. If your preamp and amp are truly balanced, it is definitely worth a try. Buy some decent used cables and if the difference isn't worth it you can resell the cables. Not much to lose and you'll have the firsthand knowledge which beats the hell out of the opinion of someone else.
People responding to this type of post need to understand the difference between "fully differentially balanced" topography of top-flight equipment and the XLR "balanced" outputs of lesser gear, which has single-ended topography that is converted to XLR at the output stage using inexpensive (and often sonically inferior) op-amps.

If your components are fully differentially balanced (like Krell, Ayre, Classe', Pass, BAT, etc), then the XLR cabling will make a very significant sonic difference as it is required to utilize the differentially balanced circuitry. This equipment is significantly better sonically when using the differentially balanced circuitry via XLR than the non-differential circuitry via RCA.

If your equipment's XLR outputs are merely "balanced" connections (more marketing hype than anything), no difference will be heard except that the XLR signal level will be boosted by +6db and, possibly, a reduction in noise is possible with XLR vs RCA on long interconnects runs.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!
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