System Upgrades for Streaming

Hi all. Wondering if some of the experts here could lend me a hand. About 3 years ago, I purchased a Rogue Cronus Magnum II, KEF LS50s, Project Debut Carbon with Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, and Peachtree Audio DAC iTx. BlueJeans RCA and Analysis Plus Oval 12 speaker cables. I recently added a KEF C4 subwoofer for movies. System is pretty good for my 800 sq foot Brooklyn apartment. Main room for sound system is 12' x 40'.

I find myself streaming a bit more (mostly Grateful Dead/Phish) and am considering a switch to Tidal from Spotify. If I were to upgrade the system to make it easier to stream via Bluetooth, what's the best method? Apple TV to DAC to Cronus? Is that going to erase any benefit from Tidal loss-less?

Also, what's the next upgrade for this system? Should I be looking into better power supply? A better sub (REL or JL Audio)? Since I don't use the vinyl daily (weekend mornings mostly), I'll probably avoid upgrading that to a Rega/Music Hall, but I could be convinced. Any comments on my cables?

I think for you a  DAC change to something that includes BlueTooth is the answer...Retain all the benefits of Tidal & easy to integrate into current system,basically plug & play...
Thanks, Freediver. Quick follow up. I was under the impression that Bluetooth would result in degradation of sound quality (ie no longer utilizing a premium streaming service's loss-less capabilities), but I've heard with AptX, Bluetooth can be just as good as a wifi-streaming device. Do you agree? 
That ? opens a BIG can of worms...I never noticed any sound degradation when using Bluetooth but I'm sure there is some golden ear mega million dollar system owner here who will disagree..
I'd start with a Bluesound Node 2i which will give you Tidal lossless and MQA capabilities as well as Bluetooth and Airplay etc.  Not a huge outlay considering the rest of your system.

There is a fair bit of Grateful Dead now on Tidal in MQA so definitely worth considering taking advantage of high res.
Audiojedi - perfect suggestion. I was leaning that way too. In fact, I already posted the Peachtree DAC on Ebay/Craigslist to recoup what I'll spend on the Bluesound! Great to have the decision affirmed. 
^^^Why spend that much $ when you are STILL going to be streaming through Aptx?Now that I think about it you can get an AptX Streamer with analogue plugs for about $100.00 from several audio gear manufacturers..
Freediver - interesting. I guess my thought is if I'm using either the Bluesound (which can decode MQA files from Tidal Masters) or the Dayton Audio (which can transmit Tidal 24bit/192khz) to my DAC, then i'd be using WiFi and bypassing the Bluetooth AptX. Would you agree? 
It still comes down to WiFi Protocols vs Bluetooth Protocols..IMO our systems are similarly resolving & I never heard a difference between the 2..