System Upgrades

Hi All, Wasn't sure where to post this as I didn't see a section called system but here goes.

I am looking to improve my system. Components are listed below. What would you improve first (excluding SPDIF converter and speakers)

Linn LP12/Ittok/Benz micro Glider
Dennon cd transport-M2 HiFace-generic USB cable
Burson 160D DAC-Pre
Arargon 4004 MkII
Audio Research SP8 Pre

Its hard to recommend something without knowing what type of speakers you have. That said, I would probably go with a new preamp first and then the amp.
Do you wonder why you are not getting any responses? This is a loaded question. Look what Zd man said, and he still recommened something. It's crazy out there... :)
Replace all your stock cables, buy a new rack and treat your room. Spend $100 on new music and have a nice dinner at home with someone special.
Yes I know it's a loaded question but not totally off the mark.
I deign and build loudspeakers. I currently use a hybrid open baffle and since it is not a commercially available speaker I know you won't be able to comment on the speaker. Now I DO know that my pre and Amp are late 1980's and 1990's vintage and I was looking for a "whoa they've come a long way since then" or "It's still great equipment don't bother" I hope this gives some insight as to why i asked the way I did.
I wouldn't take any advice from Warrenh. He doesn't like me. In a different post, he was asking for advice on how to get the best sound from his iPod. When he told everyone that all of his music is stolen I posted the following:

"Warrenh (OP),

This is how you can get the best sound from your ipod. First, get a tape recorder and set it to record. Second, take your ipod full of stolen music and shove it right up your ass. Third, post a link to the only recording that you now have that's not stolen so we can all have a good laugh."

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't take any advice from someone like that.
"01-12-13: Warrenh
ouch! is this going to be a habit?....stalk'n me Zdman?"

It depends on what you mean by "stalk'n". If it means that every time you see a comment of mine and then take it upon yourself to enter the conversation and say stupid things just because I hurt your feelings, then yes, I'll stalk'n you every time.

Since when is it a loaded question to list your system and ask advice on what component to upgrade?
I moved from Aragon 8008BB amp to Nuforce Ref V3Se's and found that they were much better, if the rest of the chain is up to it and you control for vibration, weight them down and use electrically isolate them from other equipment.