system upgrade suggestions

Im thinking of upgrading my audio system which consists of
cj pv10b, mccormack dna-1 revB and audio physics sparks I.
budget around 2K. after having upgrades done for the amp and preamp, still am dissatisfied with the sound. Im considering either new speakers (ie
spendor 1/2s or harbeth cs7, if I can locate a dealer)
that might go better with the electronics or the other
way around.
any suggestions appreciated.
You do not mention wire used, do not underestimate the improvement you can get with properly matched wire and power cords.

I know the Conrad Johnson PV10 to be pleasant but somewhat lackluster, not especially dynamic or revealing.
Yes, what interconnects and speaker wires are you using. Have you upgraded any power cords? I would start here before buying more hardware if you're using OEM or budget cables.
Also anything being done regarding your AC power?
Likewise above, please give us a picture of source & wires... I've heard the Sparks sparkling (couldn't resist that, sorry). Cheers.
You may also want to consider a quality audio subwoofer. A quality sub will improve a lot more than just the lows. Done right, it can open up the whole frequency spectrum.

For your level of gear a REL Stratus III would be a good place to start (or the Storm III).

I have a C-J PV10BL, Triangle Celius, and a Sonographe amp. My system sounds wonderful. I did need to put a really bright cable from the pre to the amp, I used a Tara Labs RSC. That made a big difference. I've got it all now imaging, dynamics, and that great C-J sound. Keep the C-J, I would not consider giving mine up. Good luck.

Personally, I'd keep the McCormack amp. Cables are the way to go if you haven't already. I've found that some cable upgrades are as good as a component upgrade. Definitly do NOT forget to upgrade your power cables!!!!
What are your specific areas for improvement ?
Also, could you list the source component (cdplayer or record player).

I've used the mccormack with ap virgo's. A pretty good match. The power sure lit them up. You could hear a little grain in the amp vs my Pass Labs aleph amps.

McCormack is a very good match for vandersteen and b&w. Any speaker that is a little laid back & can produce monster bass is a good match for mccormacks.

The Sparks excel at imaging & high frequencies. Their downfall is a lack of low bass and a lightweight presentation. With these, the mccormack's very slight hf haze/grain will be highlighted. Additionally because of the sparks bass limitation you won't really benefit from the mccormack's power.
the speaker cables are symo ls 5sx. the pre-amp to amp
is musiclink by Transparent, from cd to pre-amp tara
rsc reference. the source is a psaudio ultralink I. sort of sounds electronic and lean even in the mids, the
highs are also emphasized, not even that subtle musically
speaking. It doest have a naturalness
as compared to the headphone system I use (sennheiser hd
600s and a melos sha 1 with an old phillips cd player.
I found a subwoofer didnt integrate well... too much bass
for the was a rel stratus 3. powercord to the amp
is from mccormack. everything is plugged into a power wedge 116.
thanks all.
If I read you correctly; if the subwoofer gave you too much bass or mid-bass, then possibly it was not setup correctly. You had overlap.

If your main speakers go down to say 42Hz, then the subwoofer should be set at around 35Hz to 38Hz to fill in below the mains; not add to the bass already present. A subwoofer will always integrate, if what it gives you is bass not already present.

If you play middle C on a concert grand piano and a small upright piano, they don't sound the same. The concert grand is much fuller and richer even though it is the exact same note. This is because the frequency spectrum of sound is much larger than the frequency of middle C. This is also why the same identical note played on a violin, oboe, or any other instrument sounds different. Speakers have no problem playing the high frequencies. The low frequencies are the problem.

A properly integrated subwoofer does not give you more bass; it makes everything sound more realistic and clear, by filling in the missing bottom of the frequency spectrum you hear with live music.
pwaynes, Lots of good suggestions above. Couldn't help but notice you said "everything is plugged into a power wedge 116". I also have a Rev. B DNA-1 and plugging it into a PLC limits what the amp can do. Same goes for the stock power cord.

Try plugging the McCormack directly into the wall. You may be surprised at how much this can open the sound. Also, if you have access to one try a larger gauge power cord. The stock one is not too bad, but it did seem to limit things a bit in my system. Even a DIY PC will be better than the stock one. Together these two changes noticeably "relaxed" the overall sound and made things more musical and dynamic (less electronic).

FWIW, my PLC is a Vans Evers Clean Line and the PC on the amp is a Synergistic Master Coupler.
thanks for the worthwhile suggestions and feedback. tried plugging the power cord directly
into outlet as Fpeel suggested but couldnt detect a
difference but will definitely look into purchasing another
power cord as it might save me in the long
Happy Listening