System Upgrade

Hoping to hear some feedback from other previous owners of the Ayre K-3x pre-amp. Currently using this in conjunction with the Theta Dreadnaught 1, Arcam FMJ 33 CD player, Aerial 10T speakers and Audience AU24 cables & speaker cable.

Criteria is that I do not want to spend more than $3,000, (net spend of about $1,200 considering the sale of the K-3x) for the used piece and am also not looking for simply marginal improvements in performance. I also am not using a phono so having a phono stage is not a factor. Since HT is incorporated into the system, I have to set the unity gain on the Ayre everytime I switch on the TV or DVD player and would like to find a quality piece that incorporates a surround sound pass through that surpasses the K-3x sonically.

Any/all feedback is appreciated
I use a Naim Nac 112 with a HiCap power supply and am very pleased with the smooth yet detailed sound. Has a unity gain setting so it integrates easily with a HT processor.