System Update: Dynaco and ASL

Just an update for anyone who is interested. A while back I posted a question about pre amps (SAE vs. Hafler). I ended up with a hafler dh-110 but sold it shortly after. I also picked up an sas 2200 power amp which is currently benched awaiting repair. The hafler worked well with my nad receiver serving amp duties but wasn't very enjoyable to listen to. My denon changer was also starting to give me some trouble so I decided to start from scratch. Here's my current set up:

Source- Marantz pmd320
DAC- Theta cobalt 307
Pre- Antique sound labs aq-2400dt
Amp- VanAlstine Dynaco st-150 (omega 240ex) w/meters!
Speakers- Polk rt-5

I'm very happy with the sound, considering the budget components. Any thoughts are welcome.
Congats on a good looking system. I would love to hear it.
Would it be to much to ask how much they cost so we can recommend them to others or self?