System to take on the road

Well, it's time to pack up the main rig and put it in storage. Just got a job overseas and it looks like I'll be on the road most of the time. Still I can't live without my music. Any suggestions for a reasonably priced portable system that I can pack in a single suitcase and haul around with me. I figure I could get some micro mini monitors, a little tube amp and a micromega cd player and have a decent sounding little rig that I can set up in my hotel rooms and enjoy? Others have suggested a good headphone amp...that's possible, but I like to have music that everyone in the room can enjoy as well. I'll look forward to your ideas.
try a guitar

I live on the road with medical contracts taking me all over the country. I've had several combinations and found two that worked best. Had a Linn Classik with modified NHT SuperZeros and now with an NAD L 40 with the same speakers. Lovan makes a cheap and very light 24" speaker stand that breaks down in 5 minutes. Take your blue tacky stuff for the speakers and stands.

The Linn was incredible, but with no tuner. Of course they now have that model. The L 40 is not as refined, however it is very respectable. Good luck.
Here's another, cheaper option...

Cambridge Soundworks makes a portable amp/speaker combo. I've never heard it, but I'm sure it's much better than a boombox. It comes in it's own small suitcase (which doubles as the subwoofer). I think it may also have room to hold a portable CD player. It's nowhere near as nice as the above system, but it's probably smaller, easier, and cheaper. I think it costs $399.

Their website is
arrange some tickets for the live performances!
Nice sound (expensive too): Integrated amp (audio refinement or SF Integrated) + Sonus Faber speakers. They can fit into reasonable size box, though not tiny but acceptable for an apartment. Some DAC is small too, like P3. This como gives you good sound, but not cheap.

If sound is not that critical, you can buy Japan table stuff basically everywhere on the world. Don't bother to carry it on airplane.
How about a $400 Creek integrated, the B&W 302's (I think that's the model -- they list for about $250) and a used Rega Planet for about $400. That would be a relatively light, small, and musical system.