System synergy or mix and match

I've put together and interesting system....Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M Stand mounts parred with two REL G-2 subs, Mac 601 monoblocks and Mac C50 pre, Modwright Oppo 105 and Lumin A-1 Streamer with Kenneth Lau PS, all Audience AU24 power chords and high end AQ interconnects and speaker cables.   Thinking of changing to tube line stage and was curious on thoughts out there of sticking with Mac or perhaps trying a different brand.  Seems to be a ton of nice choices out there but I'm also aware of same brand synergy...any input?
Do you have any friends with a nice preamp or a dealer that would allow you to audition one? That is the only way that you will know how well it will integrate into your system.
Yes there is something to be said about brand synergy to some degree but look at what the  speaker and accessory Manufacturers are using at shows like Axpona.  Most have an assortment of different gear. Specifically chosen to showcase their products.
If status quo and bragging rights are high on your priority list then go with Mac. If music is your goal, then have fun and experiment. 
My 2 cents FWIW
Thx JD....good call...bragging rights don't enter into it....all about the music.  I have a bud with a rebuilt, old school Counterpoint line stage...we are going to audition that soon.  I see Counterpoint got some nice reviews.  Looking forward to the journey!
Yes, Counterpoint is a good one. I have a fully tricked out Audio Horizons that sounds very good. It has replaced an Aesthetix Calypso and was a nice upgrade from it. The fellow that I got the AH pre from replaced it with an Allnic which is a VERY nice piece. 
There are many other nice ones such as Audio Research Reference series, Conrad Johnson, Cary 05 and more. And then comes the tube rolling.
Have fun and enjoy your trials.
As Dick Olsher says "A day without music is like a black and white sunset".

try it or demo it prior to any purchase.  The panel here has some excellent suggestions. Whichever brand you choose, always opt out for the signature, limited or upgraded version.

Happy Listening!
FWIW, I have used a McIntosh preamp for years, many years, and was as happy as I could be with it. Last weekend, I hooked up a tube preamp that I bought here on Audiogon about a year ago. What a difference! I doubt that I will be going back to the McIntosh. I think the difference is simply the tubes versus solid state. I also bought a McIntosh 275 Mk VI. I'm looking forward to working that into the system soon.

Kind of my expectations....which brand did you mate with the McIntosh? I've been pleasantly surprised at the great selection available!
I've always had a Mac tube piece in there somewhere. Just makes the music nicer to listen to. 

I'm using a mint MFA Magus B preamp. Right now, I'm using it with a Classe DR-15 amp into Sonus Faber Electa Amators.


BTW, my source piece is a stock Oppo 105D. Our systems are similar.