System suggestions around $3k for 2 different spkr

I have a set of Paradigm Studio 60 V3 and Magnepan 2.7 QR's.
I can spend $3k (ish) on CD, amp, pre ( or integrated )
I have been reading about Musical Fidelity X-T100 / X-Rayv8 CD. Sounds nice but I am worried about the power rating. Manufacturer site says 50/80 watts. Music Direct claims 70/channel. I do like the fact the X-T100 is a tube integrated. Tubed preamp stage with SS power.

I have considered the Rega Apollo and Mira combo @ 60/channel. The apollo was given great reviews by Stereophile, but the Mira doesn't mention a 4 ohm rating and for some reason this bothers me when a manufacturer leaves that info out.

The main reason I have shown so much interest in these systems are because the whole system is matched. ( and price ofcourse) I don't mind different name brands, but I know some equipment doesn't play nice with others.

I have a Linn Genki CD player but it has quit working and needs to be sent back to Linn for repair.

I have limited listening with hi-fi. I have listened to Levinson, Jeff Roland, Naim, Jolida, Rega CD players, Linn, Rotel. My favorite "sound" was the Naim system but it was also a $10k system. My 2nd favorite system I listened to was a Jolida integrated with a Rega source paired up with Vanderstein 1c speakers ($800 a set) and with maggie 1.6's. However, I am concered because I have read reviews that says Paradigm doesn't like tubes and Tubes will do no justice to the bottom end on the power hungry maggies. Paradigms are 92db eff. and "compatable with 8ohms" the maggies 87db and are 4ohms and hit 3.1 ohms for a low.
Any ideas? Really sorry so long.
Thanks in advance!

Using Rotel 60/Ch dual mono amp, Anthem PVA-1 pre, and Denon CD currently and it sounds absolutely horrid.
Grainy, Fatigued, bass lacks authority, etc.
I tend to like a bright top end, but not to the point where it's annoying. I could do without the listening fatigue as well. I'm stopping now.
If you're looking for to spending 3K on a front end that will work well with those speakers, I would start with the Musical Fidelity A308 integrated. 150 wpc will work great with the paradigms and also have enough power to run the maggies, although, they could always use more. THen for a cdp, either a Musical Fidelity A3.2 or mabye a Rega Apollo?

I would say definitely look at the 308 integrated and then go from there.

These are used prices. I didn't see if you mentioned used or not.
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As you probably already know the Paradigms can be a bit harsh on the top end. Maybe a DK Design (hybrid) integrated might work to help with the harsh highs on the Paradigms and the 150 wpc should be enough for the Maggies.

I have never heard the DK unit but, have always wanted to.

The Apollo is a great unit for $1k new.