System sounds different, depending...

There are times when my system sounds absolutely amazing. Then other times it's dull. And sometimes even unlistenable. All with the same CDs.

There doesn't seem to be any pattern, or rhyme or reason. My system doesn't seem to favor morning, noon, or night. It can be great or goofy any time of the day.

Does this have to do with the amount of people using electrical appliances at a given moment in my apartment? I'm using all factory power cords right now, but have some Absolute Power Cords on the way to me. I'll see what happens, then upgrade to better cords if warranted.

Maybe it's just my state of mind and body at the time? It's always a mystery as to how my system will sound when I sit down.

Or could it be the shampoo I'm using?

Very weird...
Sounds like it could be the power. Also do you have brown outs in your area at various times? Are in in California? Do you shut the system off and does it have also something to do with warm up time?
Gunbie: I highly recommend Tail & Mane shampoo. I recently ran out and my system immediately went into a slump.
You might want to invest in a small meter that can monitor your line voltage. If you are experiencing differences in line voltage, your system CAN change performance levels. Depending on how your amp / preamp is designed (unregulated, loosely regulated, tightly regulated, etc..), voltage changes can make a WORLD of a difference. This has to do with bias and feedback levels, etc... Some of this may also have to do with your mood, humidity levels, etc... It is for these reasons that we should all be listening in anechoic chambers that are temperature and humidity regulated. There should also be a very sexy "waitperson" serving us our beverage of choice and playing our favorite musical selections. Audio would be SO much better... : ) Sean
hey dekay, was this tonight (well, it's just after midnight) the 30th around 10 or 11pm? cause i had the same problem so i think maybe it is so cal. i had a friend over and she microwaved something downstairs and my lights dimmed a few times and then my arc ref-1 pream went from 'operate' to 'mute' mode. everythign else was still ok, the cd player was spinning and the amp was still fired up. that's happened to me three times today and once yesterday. i was thinking there was something wrong with my preamp. i have the pre the amp and the cd player running thru a monster hts2000 so i woulda thought this would help. whazzaaaaaaaaapppppppppp!?
Next to power, temperature and humidity, even the barometric pressure will influence the sound of our rigs, alas.

here's a cheap test. by a portable headphone system - battery powered cd/amp + good headphone. this takes all those power variables out of the equation. listen. if that sounds great/crappy/ok/etc.. over consecutive listenings then you either need a vacation, or some couchtime.

good luck
Well for starters.

Yes Sugarbrie, I live in California. Los Angeles of all places! Arrggh!!!

Tail & Mane you say Dekay? I don't use that, but I am low on the head suds. Off to the bootie saloon. :)

Sean, good idea. I think I'll have my girlfriend serve me drinks and massage my shoulders during every listening session. SMACKKK!!!! OK, bad idea.

Prfont. I think I do need a vacation. My mind has been swirling with so many ideas for upgrades and tweaks, I can hardly speeaakkkk... [Doing my best Fred Astaire impression].

Hmmm... It sounded pretty good last night. Oh well.

Seriously. Should I really keep everything powered up all the time? I keep my transport always powered on, and so is the Bel Canto DAC 1.1. My Sim Audio Moon I-5 has a stand by mode, so in essence it is always on. But not "turned on".

Gosh, if I get too carried away with this, Governor Gray Davis may come over and kick my butt after he's done wrestling with George W. Bush.
Gunbei: We have two power companies that supply greater LA. I believe that we are on different systems as just two blocks South of us the other company takes over in LA proper (we are in West Hollywood). My system was having severe problems 3-4 months ago, but has since been fine. It could be that your carrier is now "beating the cotten", so to speak with the power supply. Although I am currently breaking in new cable, I had some of the best sound that I have ever experienced last night from 11:00 pm to 12:30 am. Also, since relocating the equipment, I am using a 35 year old outlet that has not been upgraded to a better connecter, so ussume that the sound will improve even more when I replace it with P&S hardware. Kublakahn, if your system is on the kitchen line your refrigerator may also be attached to it as well. You may want to see if you can use another line if this is the case. Gearge has already made it clear that he is a cypher and that we are on our own.