System Setup

I'm at the point where cable upgrades are called for. However, if I change the setup, it may change the length requirements. Right now I have the components in a rack with the cd on top, followed by the preamp and finally amp. A video dvd player resides near the bottom. With this set up, I need no more than .5m to 1m interconnects, which helps keep the cost down. Should I keep it like this or is there a better way?
Nothing wrong with that. Short i/c's are better.
I agree with Sonic. Keep It Simple. And short.
Some people will say that some digital cables require a certain length for best performance (some are more error-prone in .5m or 1.0m, and recommend longer lengths like 1.5m or 2m). How much of this is true, I don't know, but I imagine it varies by cable. I really don't know, but I've heard this quite a few times. Rumor, or fact?