system opinion VSA+Pass


I am about to rebuild my whole system, and i would really like to have some feedback on it.
I thought of the Von schweikert db-99 speaker, i really like its sound. So as the pass labs xa amps sound. How about matching the VSA with Pass XA30? Has it enough power for a large room? (21'x30').

My current CD player is good enough to keep it, the Audio Research CD3 mk2. What preamp do u recommend? And what about cables? I heard good things about jena labs products, i may try them.

Thanks again for any comment.
With 99db efficient speakers power is not going to be a concern.

After you have broken the speakers in and have a good feel for the sound with your Pass amp start auditioning preamps. A good tube pre would probably be in order.

If you are getting the upgrded super tweeter you are going to want to take the extreme high frequncy extension into account when choosing a preamp to audition.

Good luck!