System Opinion, Fritz and AVA

After much reading on this great forum and elsewhere I'm ready to pull the trigger on an all new system. Would be interested if anyone has any strong recomendations to make any changes on this combination:

Fritz Carbon 7s, AVA Synergy 300 amp, and AVA T Eight+ tube preamp.

Front end will be my current Caps3 pc and W4S Dac1. Room is medium size, looking for nice warm and relaxing sound with female vocals, jazz, acoustic, etc. I'm hoping this would be a great balanced combination that I could enjoy for many years. Any thoughts on this factory-direct combination?

I gather you haven't heard the combo, so my only question is: can you return the system and get your money back? (I assume you've checked the reputation of the dealer with third parties.)
Correct, I have not heard them. Van Alstine offers a 30 return policy. Fritz has an in-home audition program that I have not inquired about yet. Based on what I have read I do feel confident about their reputations.
Good luck! Do the in-home audition before you buy, for sure. And don't decide until you break the gear in a bit first (100 hrs. perhaps).
I think this combo sounds superb on paper...very good mix of gear. But why not order the new AVA EL34-based amp as well and do a tube vs. SS comparison? You might be surprised at how well the tubes do with the Fritz.
Yes, as others say: Audition, audition, audition.

That said, Fritz speakers really blew me away when I heard them a AKFest a few years back. The first monitor I fell in love with. Killer sound, even in a show setting.
Disclaimer- I'm Fritz of fritzspeakers.
AVA gear was used in several of my loudspeaker reviews and I think that they work & sound great. Franks amps use MosFets for the power transistors which many people say sounds similar to a tube amp but on steroids without rolled off lows & highs. BTW- I also personally own the Insight integrated amp.
Fritz (or others), what stands are recommendable for the Carbon 7s?