System needs more watts??


I've now enjoyed my system for about 2 years now, and starting to think about upgrading or adding to it. Any thoughts of what I should do to increase my listening experience?

I love my system right now, but feel that I need to turn up the volume a little more to get the full dynamics and "thickness" of each note/sound. Do you think the main reason is because I don't have enough wattage behind my BAT75SE?? I also heard that it could be my power cords? I heard they could make bigggg difference? Appreciate your thoughts/advice?


Current system:
Cary 303/100 CD player
Audible Illusions 3A preamp
Dali 800 MKII
Synergistic Research Galileo speaker cells
BASIK strings I/Cs
The Dali 800 needs little power to get decent volume as they are reasonably efficient, but they sound better with powerfully amps controlling their bass drivers. Nice speakers in my opinion.
to add to my post : more power would result in a tighter cleaner bass and mid bass which allows you to hear the great midrange more clearly on these speakers. I would highly recommend doing trials at home.
More power baby!

My Dali Helicon 300 are powered with MC275 in mono-200 watts.

Can BAT75SE be monoblocked? you might ask...if so, try monoblocking them. depending on how the BATs respond to impedance, you could end up with 150-300 watts of power into your speakers. Some amps are designed for his, or are easily switched by a good audio tech...something to consider.
Hi, yes the 75SE can be monoblocked to 150SE's. It's pretty easy, you can buy an internal kits (requires just a little basic soldering or external jumpers from BAT.

I did this a few years ago (I did post if you maybe search...sorry I don't have the links handy). I was feeling like my BAT 75SE was running out of gas with my Wilson Watt Puppy 6 and 8's at the time. It was distorting...more the soundstage collapsed some and dynamics (exactly what you're saying)

The second one is a big's not just more power, but it's better power..these amps now running each side of the amp in a balanced mode, lowering the noise floor, increasing the's just better + a lot more power and current.

If you love your amps, this is a good route to go...My issue was I live in Tx and my room upstairs couldn't handle the heat I moved to Ayre MXR's. (another possible idea)

Hope this helps, good luck, you have a great system !