System Matching for Small Room Listening

I am building a secondary system for occasional listening. The room's dimensions are 12-1/2'L x 10'W x 8'T. It will be all tube integrated amplification. I have read very favorable reviews of the Cayin A-88T and A-100T. For digital front end I am considering matching this integrated with the Cayin CDT-23 Tube CD Player and the Cayin iDac1. I'd like feedback from those who own any of these components and can comment on their performance. Also, I'd like suggestions on speakers that these front end components match well with.

For those individuals who can not comment on the above, would you please suggest other components to consider (Pathos or BAT integrated,for instance)--keeping in mind that this is a midfi system for occasional use when in another part of my home, away from the main audiophile system.

The Cayin A-88T is plenty powerful, even for a larger room and has a very dynamic yet warm tube sound. It is not overy warm like some older Conrad Johnson gear, nor is it clinical or sterile like solid state. On balance, it is one of the best amps I have heard. It drove my fairly inefficient Spendor floor standing speakers easily.

I have tried BAT and VTL, and although great equipment, the Cayin for my preference in sound had a greater front row presence and dynamics without harshness - yet maintained a life like tube sound.

The Cayin CDT-23 is a sleeper CD player. That is, its used price is much less than its wonderful performance and quality components. It is warm yet revealing, with great midrange texture. Again, not clinical sounding yet still open.