System Health Check - Any recommendations?

Hi there, I have a mix of bought-new equipment and bought-used equipment. I've had mixed results on bought-used (one-input not working on a DAC, a CD player that has blown too many fuses for my liking) but certainly no horror stories.

Anyhow, I've just bought a used amp and used power conditioner and thought it a good idea to have the entire system checked by an expert. Kind of like having an annual health-check for yourself or a major service for a car. Has any member heard of someone who may offer this service? Furthermore, and by far the tougher question, I now live in the UK and wondered if anyone does this in the UK? While expensive I don't think it's a bad idea to spend 5-10% of the system cost each year to make sure everything is running in A1 condition.

Unplug and disconnect everything. Remove all dust with a clean damp cloth. Clean all the connections with a clean cloth and alcohol, and/or your choice of contact cleaner/conditioner. But alcohol and effort works just fine. Main thing, keep doing it until the cloth stays clean and white and the parts look shiny new again. Clean everything. Pull the tubes, clean the pins, clean the sockets. If you don't have a tiny pipe cleaner then just plug and unplug a few times. Clean inside the little RCA holes, inside the power cord plugs, everything.

Reconnect everything. Do your best to have all the cables separated, neat and tidy. Use something to hold speaker cables up off the floor.

Turn everything back on. Let everything warm up while you go out and buy some anti-static spray for clothes. Waft the spray over your system. Sit back and listen. Yeah, I know. Who'd a thunk? Take the money you saved, that you were about to throw away, buy some Better Records.