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Hey everybody. I'm poking around for some ideas on a system for a 35foot yacht. This is a bit more related to car audio but I thought that maybe you guys might have some insights on this. The system is totally indoor, so no weatherproof drivers are necessary. Looking for something fairly inexpensive 1-2K and am willing to do some DIY. Will need a good cdp and integrated amp.
Linn Classik with Rogers LS3/5As (all used) will come in under 2K and be magnificent. The current smallest Spendor will also work and be a bit more dynamic.
as far as the amp goes, i would highly recommend picking up a used audio analogue puccini se (or perhaps the audio refinement complete, which is very similar sounding). it's nice and compact, sounds absolutely fantastic, and is aesthetically pleasing to boot. i heard the puccini se playing through triangle titus speakers at a store, and it was a really good sounding combination. should fit nicely within your budget, plus a little left over for cabling.

best of luck!

suggest using car electronics so that you won't have to run on generator power, which can be somewhat noisy (of course the 12 volts can be noisy as well when the engines are running). I've always preferred Alpine head units myself. So many options in that respect; it may be a difficult choice. But Eric, since we're both avid radio listeners I second-rec. the Alpine's due to their excellent tuners. With security being an issue here, a built-in rig might have a lesser tendency to wander off when no one is around.
Get car audio gear, you aren't going to be able to critically listen for long periods of time on a boat(I know its impossible, have tried). Besides you will need weather proof speakers and the most inexpensive way to do that is with car audio then build the cabinets-I say you will need weather proof speakers because there will be temperature swings, humidy issues and various other potential problems I wouldn't want to risk it. Me and my buddy just put 4-12's and 2 component sets and 3 amps in his new cigarette boat, and boy o boy does that thing fly!!! we didn't need to waste the money on audio stuff, should have saved it for repairs when we break stuff. ~Tim
Important to use marinized 12 volt electronics as we all know the environment will be hostile to conventional home electronics. OTOH, if your audio system is intended for use when on shore power and if you run your AC when away (keeping humidity down), then you will have some more choices. Do you have an inverter and where is the location of the vessel?
Thanks guys, I think the Alpine system sounds like the best idea so far. What is a good website to find info on high end car audio?
dont worry about the weatherproof speakers...they are a gimmick...I lived on Lake Washington with my runabout moored outfront for 5 years...Alpine head unit, cheap soundstream 4 ch amp, Boston pro6.4's & 2 10" subs. Never did I have a problem with the weather or the elements damaging anything. You will be soooooo unhappy with any of the marine speakers out there. I tried them first & they lasted about a week before I gave them to my neighbor for her boat.
Salt water is the worst, highly corosive to electronics. I have a Jensen unit (marine division) in my boat and think it's fine. Thought about having an alternative when on shore power but that would be overkill on a 33 foot boat!
Mark Levinson is now making car audio. It is an option in some Lexus.
Can I can Mark Levinson units from somewhere without buying a Lexus?
FWIW Harmon International(aka Harmon Kardon) makes car audio for lexus(i?) and badges it Mark Levinson. It is NOT available aftermarket.
Link is right here...I forgot that I had my SeaRay moored on a freshwater lake. Salt air is bad
You might want to go It is the sister sight for It is a good place for reference, but take the reviews with a grain of salt. Good luck!
You should check out the Millenium Yachts down in Florida. Mannn, those are nice. I really, really want the 151' model--I just don't know how many millions I have to have. Its got three inside stories and the top deck. There buses/coaches are nice too.
You want to hear something pathetic- we've named our boat "Eidolon" after you know what. Most people think it is a play on words "idle on", which of course is incorrect as it is capable of going faster than hull speed due to the fact that it has a planing hull. She is a Robinhood 33 Poweryacht and hails from Wickford, Rhode Island. She has a dark blue hull with a flybridge and may be viewed at
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