system for condo

Put a system in my girl mate's condo consisting of a Sonos connect and Audio Engine speakers actually not bad sound for a craigslist acquired Connect and AE speakers. 

Thinking about taking the next step.  I have a Wyred for Sound Moded Connect I proly will slide into the system and use that as a source until Sonos kills it with upgraded software (but they promise not to do that after the massive blowback). 

My goal is to have this system create a nice image at moderate volume levels as we need to be aware of the neighbors.  System can't boom.  Also budget is <$2K  Proly go used on amp and speakers

Proly just need a power amp since the Sonos has volume control.  I saw a Hegel Prost on here that looked nice but again dont need all the input capability and volume control.  Rotel Comes to mind, Hegel if I can find one. 

  Now for the Speakers I need something fairly compact.  I had  set of smaller Quad S series that I liked , but sold, and might work and also like the size and look of the Totem Acoustic Hawk.  Book Shelf would work as well as I already have stands the AEs are sitting on.  Lots of B&W book shelfs floating around here on Craigs as there is a local dealer selling them.

Suggestions welcome
Totem makes excellent products.  I started out with the now discontinued Rainmaker monitor,  afterward moving up to the Hawk models.

I am currently returning to a monitor/subwoofer arrangement and have just had the good fortune to land a pair of used Rainmakers for $500 on eBay.  (They were $1200 when I bought my first pair new,  and only recently started selling around $500-$800 on the used market.)   I would have paid up to $800 - they're a dynamite monitor.

The Hawk model dips a little bit lower in the bass than the Rainmaker could - obviously given the dimensions of the cabinetry alone - but either model sounds "musical" in that respect.  The bass is tight and without bloat or artifice,  and if memory serves me well,  either model is fairly efficient so driving the Hawk won't break any budget you are considering for amplification.

At the time I purchased my Hawks I was able to compare them with the Forest model side by side.  For the difference in price,  and the very minor, imperceptible difference in frequency response,  I could not justify purchasing the Forest.

I have not hear the replacement for the Rainmaker model,  nor have I heard the Sky model.  I think you will appreciate the Hawk.

Good luck!

totem are great, have a pair w Bluesound Powernode in our sun room w subs and they are nice. Something fantastic at low volumes is the Vandersteen VLR with coaxial driver. Easy to drive and remarkable bass with no sub.