system for condo

Put a system in my girl mate's condo consisting of a Sonos connect and Audio Engine speakers actually not bad sound for a craigslist acquired Connect and AE speakers. 

Thinking about taking the next step.  I have a Wyred for Sound Moded Connect I proly will slide into the system and use that as a source until Sonos kills it with upgraded software (but they promise not to do that after the massive blowback). 

My goal is to have this system create a nice image at moderate volume levels as we need to be aware of the neighbors.  System can't boom.  Also budget is <$2K  Proly go used on amp and speakers

Proly just need a power amp since the Sonos has volume control.  I saw a Hegel Prost on here that looked nice but again dont need all the input capability and volume control.  Rotel Comes to mind, Hegel if I can find one. 

  Now for the Speakers I need something fairly compact.  I had  set of smaller Quad S series that I liked , but sold, and might work and also like the size and look of the Totem Acoustic Hawk.  Book Shelf would work as well as I already have stands the AEs are sitting on.  Lots of B&W book shelfs floating around here on Craigs as there is a local dealer selling them.

Suggestions welcome

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totem are great, have a pair w Bluesound Powernode in our sun room w subs and they are nice. Something fantastic at low volumes is the Vandersteen VLR with coaxial driver. Easy to drive and remarkable bass with no sub.