System Enhancement CD

I was thinking of trying one...

What are your experiences with these products? 
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Go for It!
which one(s) did you have in mind?
Tellurium Q. 

What are your experiences? 
Right On!

this is one of the very few that I do not own (yet).
Where can I purchase it? I am in the USA.

Back on track, start w/ the (3) Stereophile test discs. They do not cost much for openers. 2nd, these discs can orient you to your system and its possible shortcomings. Very well made and produced.

Your local dealer may also be able to get one for you...

Where are you located infection?

On the same page as above, both the Ayre and Isotek discs are excellent.
I'm in the UK. 

I'll probably try the TQ first...
Yes, get whichever products you can closest to your location.
Keep me posted after you buy the TQ and start to eval it on your system.
I use the Esoteric system enhancer cd.  Cost was around 40.00 when I bought it.
Will do jafant, thanks for your contribution & thanks stereo5.


most of these discs are in the $25 to $50 range. Well worth it and really works. Happy Listening!
I have used this CD from Nordost: