System Direction? Thiel 7.2s, Krell, Kimber, SCD-1

Looking for some advice on where to take my system. Started with a set of thiel 6's and a krell fpb 350mcx. Moved up to a set of Thiel 7.2s, upgraded to 450mcx monoblocks with a krell KCT, Kimber ks3038 speaker cables, bmi whale power cables and a heavily modified sony SCD-1. System was setup in a large room - about 40*16. Sound was extremely good - enjoyed the system a lot , but I had some listening fatigue and I would say bass and highs were better than mids. I moved to London for 3 years, sold monoblocks, power cords and KCT. Just back. Still have thiel 7.2s. Trying to figure out if I build a system around 7.2s, and if so with what? If not with 7.2s, where to? I like singer songwriter, female/male vocalists, modern country the most ,but also most music other than heavy metal, rap. I like to listen to music fairly load. Thx for advice.
You need to somehow figure out what caused the listening fatigue. Since you don't have your old system, I think the best place to start would be to go out and start listening to some new equipment. You'll need to do that anyway.
I would purchase some mono blocks from McIntosh and with one of there tube preamplifiers you will be in fatigue free audio nirvana! So I would look at the MC500 mono blocks or even a MC402 or a 600 single chassis amplifier, then mate with a MC2200 or 2300 tube Preamp. You AND your Thiel 7.2's will love it.
I purchased Manley 250 mono blocks and Steelhead/Skipjack for my CS6s, having once had the KCT with a 400cx amp combo, and the improvement over any remaining listening fatigue was substantial. Tubes can be sublime with Thiels.

Thiel lover here as well. Looking for advice on power amps (tubed or SS)

for my CS 2.4 SE loudspeakers. Happy Listening!

I'm now running a Manley Stingray II (non-iPod dock version) with my second system's CS 2.4s and this is a great match, provided you don't have a huge room to fill.  I previously was using a CJ CAV50 but there wasn't enough "torque" to tighten the bass that the Manley certainly provides.  My sense is that the Stingray's in-house manufactured output trannies have a lot to do with it.
TY- stevecham.

I have read much about the Manley amps. Where could I get a demo?