System / Component Recommendation

My house is wired with Sonos for all of the TV's and basic music listening (mostly my kids and their friends). I have a separate guest house with a 20 x 18 room that I use to store/play my guitars without bothering the family (amateur guitarist at best). I am interested in listening to all of my old vinyl as well as adding to the collection but have no method of playing them. I have always wanted a higher end audio system just for my listening pleasure but do not know enough to be dangerous. My budget is +/- $10,000 (not even sure I can do anything with this budget) and would welcome any suggestions for amp(s), turntable, speakers, etc. I would like a tube amplifier if it is doable on the budget. Any insight or help is appreciated.
If you are going new: Cayin A-88T or Primaluna Integrated Amp and Rega or VPI TT.
Speakers offer an endless choice and it depends on the type of music you like. Personally, I lust after a pair of Harbeth Super HL5 Plus. If you're going after used equipment the choices are much greater.
This is a good budget. Many possible combinations, some used equipment is difficult to find. What do you listen to, besides guitar music, and what are your sound preferences?
In any case, my choice of turntable and tonearm would be Nottingham Analogue. Interspace table/arm - about $1500 new or Spacedeck/Spacearm used. Cartridge. I would go with Moving Magnet. Which one? Goldring 1042 is what I use on Spacedeck/Spacearm. There are Nagaoka, Roxan, Ortofon, Grado, Soundsmith and others for under $1000. I would not buy used cartridge.
Do you also want tube phono stage?
Thanks to all for the feedback thus far. My music tastes are varied but trend to anything Stax, The Who, Stones, R&B and even punk. I was at a party recently where the owner of the house had what looked like a full McIntosh set up (including a very cool looking turntable) and he was playing a Bill Withers album and it was magic.I wish I would have paid attention to the speaker manufacturer.