System change recommendations

I currently own a B & K 4220 solid state amp. I am using a B & K PT5 as my pre amp. I am contemplating making the move to tube amplification. I am seriously considering a Cayin 88T as my amp. But I have some confusion about the versions I've seen with different driver tubes etc. Plus I'm concerned about speaker matching to optimize the sound given there are only 45 watts to work with. I have a fairly wide range of music that I enjoy. I don't need thundering loud and I have a relatively small listening room. I prefer bookshelves to floor standers with a possible addition of a sub if necessary later. Can you help? Thanks.
First time to go true hi-end develop an all truly (differentially) balanced system. Get a Raysonic 168 and use the variable XLR tube outs to direct drive your B&K amp.

Speakers are tough. If the room is large enough get a pair of Usher 6311s. It's a 2 way floor stander. Were you to get monitors you would have issues with the stand speaker interface. YOu can biwire them too. My all time fav is Clear Day solid core silver shotgun
I don't recommend the A88 because, as you found out, it was an early model for Cayin and it took them a long time to work everything out so there are multiple versions. Antique Sound Labs was famous for doing that too at the beginning. But the main problem with the 88 is that it isn't autobiasing and doing it yourself is tedious.

It was "replaced" by the A70T which IS autobiasing - I asked VAS about it and they confirmed that all units in the USA are autobias, as well as more powerful - 55W instead of the 35W (or whatever) of the Asian market 70Ts. So the US market and the Asian market have different versions and depending on which website or catalog you look, you get either one set of specifications or the other. Very confusing.

One of my neighbors has an 70T and it is a wonderful integrated. We love it and he uses it with his B&W 804S which aren't an easy load to drive but it has no trouble. Although I have to also say his room is quite small which helps. I think the 70T would be a perfect choice for you. Not only is it beautiful sounding but it is also beautifully made.

Bejespeese ; can you be a little more clear as to what you are seeking advice on ? Do you want to change to a tube amp or tube integrated amp as is the Cayin ?
Are you also seeking advice on speakers ? What are you using now ?
Will you be retaining your preamp ?
How many and what type of sources do you use ? Phono stage ?
Just how small is the room and how close will you be to the speakers ?
How much money do you want to spend ?

I would advise that you look at the amp and speakers as a package . You want a synergy or compatiability between the two .

Good luck .
Thanks, that clears up the amp questions I have. I saw a Cayin 70t available locally. I also saw a 100 T listed on audiogon. Now that one is listed at 100 watts ultralinear. Now that should be enough power to drive almost any speaker that I might consider, including some planar ones. I really need to get this right on this go round because I can't continue to spend this kind of money, if you know what I mean.

I guess I wanted advice on both amp selection and speaker combo to go with it. I really want to get an integrated amp (tube) and speaker suggestion thatwould work well together. I eventually want to ad an analoge source, but for now I have a tubed SACD plater from Cayin as a digital source. My room is 12 X 14 and I currently own book self speakers from Margules Audio, model SA 1-es. Does that help?
Yes , I think that you will get better recs with the added
info .

I had the Cayin A88T with Reference 3a De Capo i's , pretty decent sound . Got rid of the Cayin due it's being a bear to bias as mentioned above . Moved to a Primaluna Prologue2 , not quite as warm with stock tubes but better on the top end . I too have a tubed CDP .
I auditioned the Cayin on Usher standmount and 2way FS. I felt that they were too much in your face , for my taste .
I also tried VS VR2 and 4jr. , too dark , kind of the opposite of the Ushers .

You are wise to find recs for the combo . It may save you much time , money and aggrevation ! Just keep in mind that what I like may not suit you !

Good luck .