system built around creek integrated amp

I'm looking into specifics about building around a Creek integrated amp. I already have a fairly nice main system and am interested in starting a 2nd system with the Creek integrated. Have heard it with a relatively cheap CD player,Ruark epilogues, and lord knows what kind of speaker wire. I should have asked. The sound was impressive for such an inexpensive system.

I'm looking to go cheap but still want good sound for a small room. The system is to be a no fuss CD-based system with a possible tuner.

What about the Sound Dynamics RTS-3 or the b&w 303's? Haven't heard the former, have heard the latter. Was impressed by its impressive soundstage and bass response. Like classical, jazz, and good Rock music like the Dead, Neil Young etc. I know the term "good Rock" is debatable and some would consider an oxymoron. But rock does demand a reasonable facsimile of an in-concert bass sound.

CD player? Don't know where to start at all as I haven't even purchased anything of a digital nature. Sony ES series??? Cambridge Audio?

Have heard that the Linn K-20 wire mates well with the Creek integrated amp. Where do you get this for a reasonable price?

Lastly, looking for a tuner that can pull in distant stations and contend with hills in rural southeast Mo.
Prefer tube sound here but am flexible.

Am not at all adverse to buying used stuff. Have posted this thread before but thought I'd try a different section to get some more advice, input etc. Thanks in advance for any help!
Castle Acoustics makes a stand mounter, the Richmond, which I feel is an improvement over the the B&W speakers. Much more refined and the wood veneer cabinets are very attractive. They also have a big sound. They retail for $500, but are often discounted new for approx. $350 per pair. They are not super efficient (88 db) but have a fairly smooth impedence curve and should work well with the Creek (assume it's 40 watts/channel) if the room is not too large. The speakers are great for classical, jazz and pop rock (but not heavy R&R). They have little cabinet vibration on a whole and work well with inexpensive stands. If you run across a pair of the Castle Isis (replaced by the Richmond), the same thing goes. I have also listened to small PSB speakers that were nice, but do not recall the model numbers or the prices. Both are a step above NHT, Paradigm and B&W speakers in this price range, IMO.
OOOPS: I just found my notes on the PSB's and they retail for over $1K (I had thought that they sold for half of that).
I am currently using a creek 4240SE, AudioQuest BiWire and interconnects, Marantz CD63 mkII with an AMC DAC-8, and Alon Petite speakers. And, I bought the speakers used for about $600 US. It's my bedroom system and it sounds quite nicely.

I don't use a tuner, however.

Please note: I was not "thrilled" with the sound at first. But then I damaged the creek and had to have it repaired. The repair person (authorized by creek, or Music Hall) found that the bias(?) was set incorrectly at the factory. He corrected it and now it sounds much better. I don't know if this was a widespread problem. My guess it was just my luck!!!!
I believe the Axiom M3Ti speakers would serve your purposes nicely. Excellent performers for $275.(factory direct) You might consider ordering either of the Cambridge CDP's and the Cambridge tuner from Audio Advisor(30 day trial period) to see if they fit your needs.
I have a Creek 5350 SE and I use Spendor S3/5s.
My wire is Nordost Flatline II. The Spendor's are a perfect,and I mean perfect match for the Creek. I used to own Totem Arro's, but the Spendor's are in another league, and they are cheaper! I will not be looking for a speaker for a very long time.
Front end is Bel Canto Dac 1.1, and Theta Pearl.
Sound is wonderful, and the Creek is plenty of power for the Spendor.
The only issue I had with the Creek is tansformer hum.
I solved most if it by further isolating the power supply from the chasis.
I used padded foam rubber, and screwed it down as tight as it would go without stripping.
The Creek is well built, and for 1500 you can't go wrong.
That solved most of the issue, and now hum is very very minimal.