system building for $10k with SACD

Learned Audiogoners,

I have $10k to build a system for SACD playback of classical music. I already have a pair of Wilson Benesch Arcs. I am trading up from basic Naim gear. I am amenable to SS or tube sound. I am contemplating a First Sound Presence Deluxe Mk iii, a GamuT D200 Mk iii and a Cary 306 player, all used. Ultralink cables all around. Can anyone design a better system under $10k? Can you..?

I appreciate your counsel. Let me know if I have left out any essential info.

If buying used, you could get this and pocket the change and be hardpressed to beat the sound.
Modwright 150 amp
Modwright 9.0se line preamp
Modwright 9000, 999, 9100 cd/sacd/dvd or Sony 5400 cd/sacd
each one better than previous one
Steve Blinn rack
Speltz anticables
Signal Cable Magic power cords
Signal Cable analog and digital ic's
or Virtual Dynamics Ultra Clear ic's (better--much more
If you want much beter sound--sell the Wilson Benesch's and
buy VMPS 626R's, Rm-2's, Rm-30's. or Rm-40's--with any of
them, make sure they have fst tweeters, auricaps,
megawoofers, & sound proofing for superior sound
Buy some great music with the rest--clarity, dynamics,
timbre, soundstage, listenability--try to quit listening
A $60 SACD player would not seem to fit your system, but worth a try before you spend mega bucks. The player is a sony 595, available from sonystyle as a refurb for $60 including shipping. Worth having, even as a back up. The sony 5400 would also be a good choice, but don't waste money on the mods. Get it, play it and then make a decision after a year of play.
Benchmark Pre DAC
ATC Active Speakers
Cardas Cables
Luxman D-50 SACD
Luxman 505 Integrated Amp
Luxman D-50