System building, again

Well, I've decided to start building that "second system" for the weekend home. From a fellow Audiogoner, I was recently able to obtain and great Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular three shelf stand as a starting point. I don't plan to have any analog components in the second system, but I would like to get recommendations on what CD players, amplification components and accessories that others have found work well with the GPA stands. Thanks for the help!
What kind of sounds are you looking from your 2nd system? What is your budget? The GPA rack is as good as it gets but why would you build a system around a rack? The GPA rack would improve ANYTHING you put on it.
Wow, this is like that thread a couple of days ago. What speakers to buy for Cardas speaker wire.

How about the same stuff you have in your current system.

I am missing something here? Is there something special about the Grand Prix rack? The only concern I see would be the size of the equipment if the shelves of the Grand Prix are not adjustable, which it looks like they are not.
Budget? Desired sources? Expectations?
just a thought.......without knowing your budget though, but based on the money spent on grand Prix stand...
how about going with all ARC components but a bit lower profile than what's in your main system(since ARC is what's there, I assume you like it).
ARC LS-25MkI or MkII,
Wilson Sophia,
Shunyata Hydra4

season it with the cables of your choice

anything should sound good on that stand you bought
Not that it matters much, but this is what I love about MC vs. other formats. Sound isn't priority #1, its the accurate reproduction of the media content. Any way, enough of my babbling...please carry on.