System Audio SA2K Master

Does anyone know anything about this speaker? I just stumbled upon it. And, while it appears to be higher priced than justified, I'm still interested.

Best I can tell, they use modified scan speak tweeter and midbass drivers with a "simple" Linkwitz/Riley crossover. They also use cabinets that can be viewed at www dot hornslet dot com.

I'd like to hear from some that own this speaker or have had a chance to hear it. l
I had heard the previous version of this speaker, called the SA2K, at the New York Sterephile Show a number of years ago at the Balanced Audio Technology room and was very impressed with the speaker. It reminded me of a Dynaudio Contour 1.3SE loudspeaker that I had in my system, but with a more laid back sound. I thought that is was not as dynamic or precise as the 1.3SE, but it was more listenable. Nice speaker.

Both the 1.3SE and the SA2K are great choices for a high end system limited in space, but they are very different sounding.
Thanks for your response. I'd love a chance to hear this speaker.