System Audio Ranger Masters

Went and auditioned these today. Beautifully finished slimline Speaker from Denmark, puts out incredibly punchy bass for it's size. This Speaker really likes to Rock and go pretty loud but is also very musical. Prefer these to more expensive Dynaudios. Anyone else have experience with these?
I’ve never heard of this danish company,with a search it looks like this model may be discontinued and you might get these at a good price.

I’ve been looking for Speakers myself and considered Dyn’s again,but they just have nowhere near the resale value and popularity that they once had.

My local dealer Audio advice,who is the very first Dyn dealer in North America,told me that they rarely ever sale any and were seriously considering dropping the line.So sad.

Looks like system Audio has some other nice looking speakers also.

Good luck to you in your hunt,
Looks like they might be discontinued as I'm getting them less than half RRP (I'm in Australia). Pretty impressed, I heard a few other Speakers at more than there RRP and preferred these. 5 year warranty and beautiful black gloss finish. Also these were demoed with far inferior ancillory equipment than I will use with them. They sound different enough to all my other Speakers, with a fast, nimble but still punchy bass, I'm confident I'll have some fun with these, and being so slimline I'll be able to fit them in, although it's getting really crowded now!
Awesome,I hope you get them and if you do please report your findings.

Thanks, @kdude66 . I've put a deposit down and will pick them up in 3 weeks or so. Also reading up on them they are wired internally with Nordost Cable.
Well, I guess I have 60 + hours on the SA Ranger Master's now, and they are settling in nicely. Initially they were a little on the bright side, but run in has tamed this. They sound much bigger than their physical dimensions and are really transparent. My mate was over recently and did a blind test. He thought they were either a ribbon or a stat. He was staggered at how good they are and how cheap I got them.

I would say they are a very good "Rock n Roll" Speaker. Melvin's Houdini sounds massive on them. Veruca Salt's sublime American Thighs rocks like a motherfarker, although Tinderstick's S/T is reproduced impressively as well.
Currently running them with Vincent SP-T700 Mono's, very nice, think I prefer the big 998 Mono's with them.

All in all very happy with the Ranger Master's.

Hmm, wondering how good SA's TOTL Pandion 50's are? Might check them out soon!
I now have well over 100 hours on the SA Ranger Masters. They just continue to open up. The Soundstage is now big and deep. These are just mind blowingly good. Transparent but really dynamic. In fact they are close to the transparency of my Nakamichi Dragon Slayer's which are the most transparent Speaker's I've heard.
Doubt there is much under $10K (Aust.) (and more from some Speakers I've heard) that can get close to these, although yet to hear the SA Pandion Series.

initforthemusic, How much did you pay for these? Do you still have them ?
Hi mark93, I paid Au3k on Clearance and yes I still have them.
initforthemusic, what is a  Nakamichi Dragon Slayer?
Have not heard of that speaker.  Maybe slang for something?
I have heard of Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Decks, Turntables,...
But never Electrostatic hybrid speakers.  I guess pretty much of all of them were sold in Australia.
Beautiful speakers; would like to hear some.

Hi James,

I am sure you wouldn't be disappointed.

With a high quality Turntable, Tube Phono Stage and Tube Pre-Amp the heavily modded/upgraded Dragons sound superb.