System and speakers in a large room vs in a small room?

I have heard a recording of my Tetra 606 speakers in a large room with a couple of hundred people and the sound was spectacular! It seems that a large space allows the speakers to “breath”.
I used to have the top line Tannoy Westminster Royals. Definitely felt that I never really heard them in my normal size living room. Do larger speakers perform better in large spaces?
Great point!

One of the important problem in audiophile acoustic is buying the speakers which are more easy to work with our room dimensions...

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I think so. Mating the speakers to the room is a huge consideration in speaker selection. Large speakers tend to have more bass output with lower extension. Those traits are more likely to excite the resonsances and modes of a smaller room. Small speakers are more forgiving of the room.

WIth that generalization said, there's more involved than just speaker size.....bass loading techniques (ported, sealed, TL, horn, etc) and cabinet design can vary a lot, and is certainly a factor.
Yes, I believe mating speakers of the appropriate size is important. My audio guy of over twenty years is adamant about it. He has been setting up high end systems all that time and has seen how under performing too small or too large are. He has discouraged me from getting the next size up speakers… because mine were right sized… although the are $30K more. 

My personal experience over the last 50 years corroborates this. I have heard incredible systems in the space of a large closet!   
we have a large vaulted ceiling front room.
with the left area opening to a bathroom and staircase, so naturally the right speaker has a bit more bass, and better sound than the left. so, pillows were added to the right corner.
   only have small towers, but the large room fills nice with Gilbert, pertucci, motorhead, gary moore, schenker, internal bleeding, malevolent creation, cramps, melvins, y&t, riot, pestilence, celtic frost, deicide, to john denver,...humble pie, wishbone ash,...etc etc.

 the speakers are my go to!!

move speakers around, amazed at the difference with a couple inches, of toeing in, or out, 12 inch or 6 inch from the back wall.

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His channel is focused on studio people, but his general knowledge often applies. I like his channel a lot & respect his knowledge.
I also love it when people ask “What are the best speakers” to buy.  I had a friend retire to Hilton Head who has a cathedral style home.  He showed me a review of some Epos Speakers that he had just bought and raved about them.  When we came for a visit he had these two little monitors mounted on wall in this massive space.  No sub or center channel.  It sounded ridiculous and unfortunately I couldn’t refrain from offering an opinion.  We haven’t been invited back