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Hello Audiophiles,

I am interested in your opinions regarding a good speaker match to my Creek 5350 SE amplifier. I have been listening to this amp with PSB Image B25 speakers for several years. These speakers have served me well, but I am ready for an upgrade.

My listening room is a 24X12 with 9 foot ceilings. My musical tastes are eclectic, spanning rock, pop, blues, and acoustic music of various sorts, but I primarily listen to jazz. I would like to get the job done for $1500 or less, but I could see going up to $2000 (give or take) for something really spectacular. I plan to audition speakers before I buy them, if possible.

Right now, my leading contender is the Epos Elan 15. (My sister just got the Epos Elan 10 to play with her less powerful Creek amp, and loves the match up.) I’m also considering Monitor Silver RX6 and PSB Imagine T towers. It's hard not to consider KEF Ls50 given the rave reviews they have received. Does anyone has experience driving any of these speakers with a Creek amp comparable to mine, or other ideas about speakers to place on my audition list? I am open to a standmount or a floorstander.

Any recommendations most appreciated!

Your room is fairly large and you listen to some bass heavy music - rock, pop, blues - I think you might be better served going with a floor stander rather than monitor. In your price range 1500-2000 I cant recommend Tekton Designs enuff - I really liked the Enzo. Check out my review on
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KEF LS50,and a sub if needed, would be fantastic. The LS50 deserve all the great reviews and awards.
I got very good results using MA Silver RX8's and Vandersteen 1C's with my 5350. Can't see you going wrong with either of those.
if you are not a "critical listener" and just like to enjoy your music, a pair of Klipsch Heritage series would be excellent - Forte, Chorus or Cornwall ... Crites crossovers add an extra dimension to the sound ... just plain FUN speakers!!
I'm a fan of MA in general.
You can't go wrong with RX6s. I have the RS6s and love them. They are easy to drive and sound exquisite. Mind you, I prefer the Rs6 over the Rx6s.

The Creek should be a fine match to drive them in your room. I have driven mine with a 35W Marantz PM5003 with no real issue and currently their being driven by a pair of 40W tube mono blocks. So 85W at 8ohm should be more than sufficient for your needs.

The only issue you may have is a tinge of brightness, but that can easily be managed through other means if it occurs.
"The only issue you may have is a tinge of brightness, but that can easily be managed through other means if it occurs."

That shouldn't happen with the Creek. For me, what I liked best about the 5350 was that it uses a passive linestage. Going that route eliminates so many problems that occur when using low cost active preamps. Not only that, MA does a great job with their metal tweeters for speakers that are in the Silver's price range.
Think you've got some good contenders between MA, Epos, PSB, and KEF, although the LS50s might be a little challenged given the size of your room. I'd add the Silverline Preludes and maybe GoldenEar as well. Tough to make firm recommendations without knowing what aspects of sound reproduction are most important to you and what you're looking to improve upon. Best of luck.
Some people whose opinions I've learned to respect have replied with what I think are good suggestions. I don't think I can really add much to what has already been said. However, I'll still try.

There are a pair of Aerial Acoustic Model 7s on AudioGon right now for $800. These are two way, rear ported floor standing speakers that originally retailed for $2,800. If you are within 3-4 hours driving distance, I would encourage you to take a drive to Indianapolis and take a look at these speakers. If they are in the shape as advertised, I think this is a lot of speaker for the money. Your Creek 5350Se should have no trouble driving these speakers. Take the $700 you saved from your budgeted amount and buy a sub, or a DAC, or room treatment accessories, or cables, or ...

Now for the disclaimer: I am not associated with the seller or manufacturer in any way. I do, however, currently own an identical pair of speakers.
Good comments by the others above. Another possibility I would suggest that you consider is the Sonus Faber Liuto Monitor, several of which are being offered via Audiogon by a dealer in Ann Arbor, Michigan, at a very substantial discount (apparently due to discontinuance of that model) which puts them in your price range. It had sold in the past for about $3800 including stands.

Here is a link to one of those listings.

Here is a review.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with this dealer, and I have not heard this particular speaker. However, I see that their Audiogon feedback is both extensive and perfect; I know that a number of other Audiogon members use that speaker and seem pleased with it; and I would expect it to be a suitable match for your amplifier.

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-- Al
Thanks to all for these incredibly helpful responses. You have given me many exciting leads to follow!

Happy listening,