Syrinx PU3 alignment protractor original or copy

Does anybody have access or know how I can get ahold of the original protractor for the PU3. From what I remember it was on a piece of paper. Any help direction or leads woud be apreaciated.
Dear Rugyboogie: You can get, for free, all the PU3 information ( Operation Manual )at this link:

Btw, great audiosystem/HT you have. Why do you need info about a tonearm if you don't have analog rig?, at least I can't see it on you system description.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Hi there,

go to

Syrinx protractors or copies not sure,

Sorry although I have a PU3 I do not have a protractor
or would have copied it for you.
Regards Simon
The ones audioorigami are selling are the ones which tell you how many turns back or forward of the arm tube to get correct alignment - I must get one myself as this would be a boon.
Yes, the Simon link is right on target.

Regards and enjoy the music.