SynPar 2021 Lineup - criticism appreciated

Here are the powered reference monitors that SynPar will be unveiling over the next while. My suggestion (the most accurate system) is the Auon with 8" Alum/Mag woofer and 3.5" dome. 

The most interesting design is probably the Aorta. It uses a very new style of driver for the top range, a flat piston sandwich driver. Their dispersion is better than anything that has come previously. Also, I want to note that while the Auon and the Aorta are both rated at 200 watts, the Aorta has a 48v supply and will have much bigger kick drum dynamics, etc, due to the woofer and the tuning along with the increased voltage.

Just want to chat about this for now and take any questions people might have. We are taking local pre-orders and getting a fair bit of interest, as people know me here & have attended my nightclubs (which sounded spectacular - kind of a shame about that whole industry, though at the same time, sitting at home doing math for the past 6 months has been way more fun than managing drunk patrons)

Mik 4
12"x6x"6x" 1-way, 4" full range driver, 90 watts, -3dB at 55hz

Mik 6
20"x12"x12" 2-way, 6.5" woofer with 1" soft dome, 96 watts, -3dB at 33hz

28"x13"x16" 3-way, 200 watts, -3dB at 20hz

Woofer configurations: 8" Alum/Magnesium or 2x10" custom Eminence in a compound format
Mid configurations: 4.5" custom ScanSpeak (limited time) or 3.5" dome
Tweeter is 3.5" AMT

26"x12"x15" 2-way, 10" woofer with 3" flat piston, 200 watts, -3dB at 23hz

SynPar doesn't use overall high pass filters or limiters, so it may be possible to create distortion
at high output levels, depending on the program. Be reasonable.

Damped Bases are also available.

20"x16"x16" (meant for Aorta) and 18"x16"x16" (meant for Auon). These are easy to make. We can supply the plans if you want to avoid shipping more boxes.