Syng research foundation cables

Any feedback ?? They are getting rave reviews
Check with klh, I believe he has a bunch of them in his system. This is Kemper.
Pretty sure somewhere towards the end he says something about having Ted set him up with a full loom of Foundation and how much he likes it.
I have heard a great many cables in the S.R. line, some in my own system and I dont think any were bad cables but I certainly found what I thought were better sounding for far less. I dont think I have heard any of this particular series. I have a friend that waits to buy their products for pennies on the dollar when they come up used. And they always come up used. 
What's with the abbreviation? I actually thought that it was a new brand until I started reading the responses.
Personally, after reading about Ted Dennehey and the way he treats people, I wouldn’t buy a glass of water from his company.  I have read that he is even a bigger jerk than Noel Lee. Is that even possible?   If what I have read is true, I personally would look elsewhere.  There are plenty of other companies that would gladly take my money and not be A holes about it.  He is said to be a very condescending person if you dare not agree with him.  I have never dealt with him personally, just relaying as to what I have read in other forums. 
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"who just happens to have developed and sold more incredible products than anyone in the entirety of audiophile history. "
Umm...wouldn't this be BS too?
It’s true that Ted is a nob and he has sold a lot of music “stuff”.  He is very successful and will be quick to let you know it.  I have a few of his products, but have found other boutique sellers to give my easily earned money to.  Most of his products work, but are priced exponentially higher than competitors, that’s is just his notch.