Synergy with matching cables?

I am currently running Zu Audio speaker and phono cables. I may look to upgrade my main power cables for my amp and turntable. Is it preferable or is there an added benefit to having brand consistency with cabling or does it not matter?



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This is a thorny question. Some will agree that there is synergy in brand consistency. Others will contend that the cables will make no difference at all, unless one is defective.

With cables especially, there's no reason to purchase without a money back guarantee. Why not make your choice and decide for yourself? Then you can report back the results to the group.

This question has been discussed in a number of prior threads. As might be expected and as Cleeds indicated there is no consensus. See this thread and the links provided in my post therein.

As you’ll see, IMO there is no reason to expect using cables from a single manufacturer to result in a greater likelihood of achieving optimal results than using cables from multiple manufacturers.

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sometimes there is a special synergy obtained by mix/match cabling brands. If you have the ways and means to mix/match- go for it!

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Use all Stealth or all Purist to sound the very best.

I agree with the others to mix or match as you like, however, IMHO, you should kept the Zu speaker cables on the Zu speakers.