Synergy with affordable components = class a+

We often read about or hear the boulders, lamms, aesthetix's(try pronouncing that one), magicos, mbl's, dartzeels, walkers, galibiers, continuum etc. etc.
Even if I could afford them, would I pass up on all the little guys that give us a big bang for the buck?
I am quite astonished with what I obtained! Therefore I thought of starting this thread that would include reasonably priced systems that make us feel like we are approaching that stratospherical class of equipment that cost as much as traveling around the world to dine in all the finest restaurants in the swiss alps, Japan, Paris, Nice, Italian riviera,Quebec City!!!, Buenos Aires, Lyon, Barcelona, Brussels, Vancouver, Tokyo, St. Petersburg, Vienna(for the concerts especially) Roma, London? --- or as much as a home, though I would rather travel and make the world my habitat.
So I got something IMHO that works nicely.
Speakers: Merlin VSM. Amp & Pre: Simaudio. Phono: Ear 834p (Modified). Cartridge:Sumiko Blackbird. Tonearm:Graham 2.2. Turntable:VPI TNT (Modified). Cables: Assortment includes Cardas, Signal Cable, Anti-Cables. Room extensively treated. Hearing Heh! cared for with supplementation.
And if anything made a big difference don't hesitate to share.
I found improving the source made the biggest difference!
One component regardless of Manufacturer is capable of sounding A.) Terrible B.)Awesome C.) Just barely listenable

When matched with any given component regardless of Brand name, the outcome is always one or the other.

After nearly 40 years of listening to music live and recorded, I have my ears trained to appreciate fine music, and well, identify poor sound.

It is not owning a Halcro or Burmester or Chord or Wadia that in themselves "make" Your system, rather the combination of each individual connection to the next component that collectively present the music.

Many components over the years have continued to stand the test of time, being as good as anything available today.

Thus labeled "Vintage" gear, the audio enthusiast can with much patience and not a "Kings Ransom" with the aid of Audiogon and e-bay, the Hi-Fi lover can own some of the "finest" in High End audio for 60-70% off list price!

With many folks, to upgrade the system is a yearly ritual.
In their haste to get the "latest and greatest" they are eager to sell the older one, thus the buyer reaps the benefits. They pay list price, and You get it in practically "New" condition for a fraction what the original owner paid.

Synergy is the most important ingredient to the "Best" Your system will sound.

If You have Jeff Rowland for a pre-amp and say a Yahmaha vintage amplifier, chances are, You can do much better with a different amplifier. It's like driving a Murcilago and changing Your oil at Jiffy lube. The Lamborghini deserves better, as does the Rowland.

The system I have put together is not Big name components, but rather pieces known to be accurate, dynamic,clean and effortlessly powerful. I don't follow the "Rules" but for 30+ years I have been doing it with fabulous results.

Just be open minded, think well outside the "box".

Surrounded by sound, I am running speakers in parallel.

1.)PS Audio GCA 500 Power amplifier 1000wpc. @4ohms
2.)PS Audio PCA 2 pre- amplifier with external HCPS
3.)Velodyne F1500 15"Subwoofer
4.)Soundcraftsman A5002 500wpc. @2ohms
5.)Sansui B2102 400 wpc. @4ohms
6.)Velodyne CHT 15 15" Subwoofer
7.)Sony SCD XA-7ES Player
8.)Sony SCD 555ES 5 Disc SACD player
9.)JVC DVD Audio Player
10.)Benchmark Dac-1
11.)2ea. Audio Alchemy Data Stream Digital cables
12.) 1PS Audio Extreme Statement Power Cord GCA 500
13.)1 Transparent Audio Super cord PCA 2
14.)2ea. PS Audio Statement XLR's
15.) 2ea. Straight wire MaestroII RCA's
16.) 1pair Straight Wire MaestroII speaker cables
17.)1pair PS Audio Statement RCA cables
18.) 2 each Power wedge 116 Power conditioners
19.) 2 PS Audio Duet Power Conditioners
20.) 1Pair Klipsch Chorus II,2pair JBL L19 on top of Chorus II's and 2 pair JBL L100 on top of L19's both laying sideways. 18" up off ground to 85" high.
21.) 4JBL side speakers, 1 JBL center speaker
22.) Museteax Melior pre-amplifier

23.) 1 pair Behringer 15" Horn monitors with 1pair KLH 12" 3 way on top of Behringers.

The PS Audio is in the front powering the Klipsch towers.
I run a RCA loop to the Melior thus allowing the rear to play the same as the front.
One Velodyne in front and the other in the rear for an even foundation.
I listen to music at low volumes and the Dynamics are all there with so many speakers surrounding You, the volume is low with my efficient 101db. sensitive Klipsch. They are like microphones and demand the signal is pure and absent of obvious "hissing" to perform there best.

Movies are like being "in the movie"! Transients are scary at times.

It is good to have "unlimited" power at Your disposal.
Rarely if ever do You need it, but boy it is fun to give the cones some juice.

Instruments are full sized and singing is so detailed the Benchmark reveals any Mastering errors.It is All HEAR!

I was patient and waited to find each piece on Audiogon or e-bay. Once You listen to each piece, try it and see if it stays or goes. Remember, many items by themselves are nothing special, but when used together with something else, a metamorphosis of sorts occurs when pieces go together they just sound like they were meant to be.

Sometimes the less expensive piece outperforms the costlier one with what You use it with. Let Your ears decide, You live with them everyday.
OH and I run the speakers in series and parallel, being sure to observe Ohms law.
I have run speakers safely like this for 35+ years without 1 single negative event.Science and Math folks. Observe the constants, they do not change.
I decided to put another PS Audio Plus Sc power cord for the
HCPS for the PCA 2 pre-amp.And an additional Duet for the Surround Amplifier.

The Transparent Super cord is on the Benchmark Dac-1
The MIT Cord is on the 3rd Duet.

I also exchanged JBL center channels to the LC-2.
2 of the surrounds are custom made 98db. sensitive.

Also the Audio Alchemy Data Stream cables run off the
biggest power supply A.A. ever made.

Wow! is All I got for you right now.

Bjpd57al, how about some pictures?
Pedrillo, by the looks of Your awesome rig,

we both seem to "think outside the box".

Although I am not in Your League, You have some sweet
equipment that sounds good and looks good.

Passion is the word. Music, and the desire to hear our songs
as cleanly, and clearly as possible often moves Us to try
unconventional methods to often achieve amazing results.

I know You Love Your music Sir. It's a great feeling,
when you HEAR the Grand results from much cognitive and
physical energy over years to finally be "Done!"

Oh I am working on the pictures. Expect mix in match.

Fortunately my pleasure is derived from what I "HEAR" in music, not solely what I see.

Keep Audio Alive, share the Music!

Peace To All.
Sorry it took so long to post any pictures.

I don't like to feel like I am showing off.

Because I am NOT at ALL!

I know that I am Blessed to be able to enjoy Music

at the level I do.

Under "Budget" look for "Live Sound" that is my pictures for now.

Peace to ALL!

I Love Music