synergy w/ Spendor SP100

Thinking about tring tubes (amp) with my SP100'S,probably an integated, due to limited budget.Please give some ideas and or examples of tubed gear you have used that you thought sounded good together.Also, please include related gear (cables, source, etc...)I listen mostly to acoustic,folk,jazz,and rock. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and feedback!
I've had the SP100's for a few years now and have used them with a Jolida JD-302B amp, Audio Research CA50 integrated amp, and a YBA Integre Passion.

My thoughts regarding your question:

1. I would strongly not recommend the Jolida.
2. I was very satisfified with the Audio Research/SP100 combination.
3. Overall the YBA amp does the best and would highly recommend it. Sorry that this does not meet your tube criteria.
4. P.S. I still have the Audio Research CA50 (i.e., I think that it is an excellent amp), but generally believe the YBA works better with the SP100's.

Hope this helps.
I have been using conrad johnson premier 11a.
FANTASTIC. Well worth saving up for. you can buy a used unit for about 1,500. This really all the power (70 watts) you would need. I just spent a whole day listening to
cj 12s', but the 100' really do not need that much power.
Let me know waht you end up with.
The Spendors work great with tube amps. I am fortunate to have a number of amps to drive my SP-100's with---Classe CA-300, Cary 40M monoblocks, modified Dyna ST-70, EICO HF-35 monoblocks, and EICO HF-12 monoblocks. All of the tube amps are push-pull EL-34's, except the HF-12's which are push-pull EL-84's. My preferred amp always seems to be the Carys. They have a natural warmth and ease that matches the Spendors nicely. This particular Cary model has been discontinued for a number of years, but it sometimes appears on the used market. Please note that the Cary 40M is not the same as the more readily available 40M Mk.II. The Mk.II appears identical from the outside and uses the same input tube (6SL7) but it uses a very different input/driver circuit.

Hope this is of some interest. I apologize for the late posting, but just saw this message.