Synergy of power cables with Interconnects

I understand the Importance of synergy and run all the same brand electronics and all the same brand cables. I use all MIT cables and it is time to upgrade my stock power cables. Is there benifits matching power cables with the same brand interconnects and speaker cables?
I am sure that there are many different opinions on this but we are constantly tweeking here at the store and I have specialized in powercords for almost the last decade when most people did not even believe that they made a difference.

Here in a nut shell are our findings; mixing different brands of powercords works best (even the state of the art ones such as Shunyata, Synergistic, Audio Magic, Electraglide, Audio Prism etc.) They all have different attributes so there is no one best cord all around; some are faster, some have more dynamics, some body and bloom, some air and finesse so you try to take the best of what your system needs and put them together. We have found the same to be the case with interconnects and speaker cables. Sometimes one brand of interconnects and a different brand speaker cable work best. Sometimes two different brands of speaker cables one on top and a different one on the bottom work best for bi wired applications. Granted some systems such as the Synergistic now have the abilility to do all their cables with active shielding. If this will justify using all their products in one system by making them superior to mixing different brands we will see? The new X series is not out yet so we are waiting to experiment.
All manufactures push the concept of synergy and of course it makes sense from an aesthetic and business point of view but not necessarily from a performance point of view. We do not have a single system in the showroom with all the same brand of cables throughout.
Our recommendation based on experiential fact learned through years of actual trial and error is mix cables to tune your system!
Sanctuary is right. I had eight different power cords and tried each one on a component, the best sounding pc stayed, and then I went through each component and chose the winner. Here are the results:
* Musical Fidelity HT600 5 channel amp w/ Acoustic Zen Silver Reference interconnects, Yamamura Quantum power cord.

* B&K AVP3090 pre-amp w/ Harmonic Technology Pro-11 AC power cord)

* Sony DVP-9000ES SACD/DVD player (w/ Acoustic Zen Silver Reference(analogue) & MC2 (digital)interconnects, and an Acoustic Zen Tsunami pc)

* B&W Nautilus 805 speakers w/ matching stands, HTM-2 center, LM-1 surrounds (w/ H. Tech Pro-9 plus bi-wire cables)

* REL Strata III subwoofer , XLO custom Neutrik Speakon conector and DH Labs BL-1 for 5.1 out, and H. Tech Pro-11AC pc)

Sometimes the differences were subtle, but sometimes it was like giving a component steroids, so my advice is that it is worth the trouble to get your cabling right. Good luck.