synergy ii or aleph p or ?????

I am looking at ss preamps and would like to hear opinions on these or other suggestions in the $2000 and under range. Will use for 2 ch/ ht use. Musical taste is rock/ female vocals. No phono needed. Thanks
Amp is rowland model 10, speakers are piega p10's.
I've demoed the synergy preamp and own the Aleph P. I like the Aleph P better personally, it is more like no preamp, very neutral and transparent. The Synergy was to rolled off sounding for my taste.
I had a Rowland Model 10 and a Synergy Pre-Amp - along with Piega P-8 ltd's - the combo is Magical!!!
Ok, now i'm thinking of throwing the placette into the ring. Anyone use it with the rowland? Will it work ok?
Any of the preamps mentioned will work, but it would help if you could explain what "sound" you are trying to obtain? Your preferences will be what determines whether you're satisfied with whatever choice you make.
I geuss i'm looking for a more palpable, emotional piece. I listen to mid tempo stuff so i like nice tight bass. Definately want to avoid anything "zippy" on the high end. Will use for tv watching so i really don't want to worry about tubes burning out. Remote is a must.
I have a Jeff Rowland Model 10 amplifier and used a Synergy 11i for awhile but found it too analytical(read dry and not musical) in my system. I also had an older passive preamp from Placette Audio and while the sound was more transparent than the the Synergy I needed an active preamplifier with gain for my reel to reel recorder. I tried a number of tube preamps and ended with a Conrad Johnson 16LS 11 Linestage. It is a great match, the best of solid state amplification and a tube preamp.