synergy between preamp - amplifier: dartzeel

As an audiophile and audiogoner, I am suprised to read so many forum posts from members who are looking for the best individual components without sufficient consideration for the synergy of the system with the other equipment and the room itself.

I recently purchased the dartzeel preamp to mate with the dartzeel amplifier. I have to say that while the dartzeel amplifier provided transparency, tone, and musicality, it really was a three-wheeled Ferrari. Now that I have the preamp with the amplifier, the obvious benefits of their synergy is remarkable. I would almost suggest that the dartzeel preamp and amplifier should be required to be purchased together. Anyone who has simply heard the dartzeel amplifier without the preamplifier has heard only a part of the dart magic. The ability to create such a natural and real sounding mid-range and breathe such life into vocals is unparalled to these ears.

I would highly suggest anyone to run not walk to their dartzeel dealer but my bigger point is to build a system around the component that you enjoy the most and start in-house with the company that already makes that component whether it be vtl or audio research or lamm or whoever makes your most favorite component.

Their may be a better preamp than the dartzeel (though I doubt it) but even if there is, I really doubt it would sound better with dartzeel amplifier. As good as many think the arc ref 3 is as a preamp, the combination with the dartzeel amplifier was good but not great. The emm labs preamp in the dcc2se sounded as good as the arc ref 3 with the dartzeel amplifier. On the other hand, The arc ref 3 may be the best preamp for arc amps.

What your statement are only partly true regards to sound attribute of dart combination.

The harmonic structure of darT combo are surprisingly balanced and yet, synergycally. The extension on lower bass and fulled body of mid range are remarkable.
Though,they are great sounding machine to put together. But the only problem that I couldn't stand with is the stability on darTZeel NHB 18NS.

How many owner of you could really saying the truth regards to its batteries recharge issue ? To be honest. People should knowing the truth before putting down their hard earn money.

As a dealer for darTZeel, just wanted to say that the battery recharge issues have been resolved. There is now a simple software upgrade that can easily be performed by the user. The upgrade allows the machine to be switched manually to AC for non-critical listening or for charging or to battery mode. This is done at the flick of a switch. The new AC mode will also fully recharge the batteries when the unit is shut off. After the batteries are fully recharged, the unit could also be used in the auto mode where it will automatically switch to AC mode if the unit is left on long enough for the batteries to run down.

This update makes the pre-amp much more flexible and solves the battery issues.
thanks for further explanation on battery issues regards to ns18.

I am holding a negative thought to your explanation. My first encountered the problem was while I have done with its initial 18 hrs of charged right after opened box, brand new,2008.
The local dealer had recall it and delivery me another new one but the problem were same again. Only difference was, the usage of battery power over the DC mode could not reach to a normal behavior of ns-18 are supposed to do(12 hr). It was less than 10 hr usage than gradually less than 8 hr after 2 month.
I take it as a design defected issue.

Though you are claim this situation can be solved by software upgrade. But I doubt it. I am familiar with computing stuff.
I will go check with my dealer to see if this update procedure are in current use over universal. or it is has to be pending.

thanks again

The Ayre KX-R and Ayre MX-R should also be heard as a pair (and have the added benefit of reference performance with 300W on tap not to mention second-to-none customer service and stunning aesthetics).
Charliexu - I have made the upgrade to several units. It updates the functionality of the pre-amp regarding battery / AC mode as well as the various status modes indicated by the center light. The issue was with the batteries retaining their charge, not the design of the machine. Selecting the AC mode will fully recharge the batteries and the user now has the ability to select between battery or AC.

When used in AC mode, the sound is close to battery mode because the power is supplied by the external power supply through the batteries. The AC grunge, while not fully removed, will be well filtered out thanks to batteries damping action.

I'm sure your dealer has all the details.
Michael, thank you for your comments on the darT combo. I certainly agree, but as the NA distributor, would you think any differently. :)

Bar81: Thanks for you input... even though it is not pertinent to this thread :)

Jonathan Tinn
Blue Light Audio
I thought this thread was about synergy? ;) In any case, I really wish you guys would respond to e-mail as when I was in the market a while back (before I picked up the Ayre combo) I was eager to try the Dartzeel given the press but received no reply.