Synergistics cables and Wilson Speakers

Has anyone tried these combos? Has anyone compared them with Transparent Cables? Thx
Pinewood Music who are one of the biggest Wilson Dealer in the UK uses Synergistic Research for his own listening.
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I am currently with Transparent Cables, anyone out there considered this move?
Here's a link to a guy who switched from Transparent Opus MM to Synergistic Research Tesla.
Shellie - Thanks for posting the link. I enjoy reading these links.

Rapogee - Have you seen this review comparing the Silent Source Music Reference cables against the Transparent with Wilson speakers?

They may be another cable loom to audition along with the Synegistic Research cables. They're about in the same league as the SR cables price-wise too.

Rapogee...there is an exhaustive thread on Synergistic Research Tesla cables may find in sifting through the comments, folks who have successfully pared SR Tesla with Wilson speakers and seek out their feedback...i remember reading thru many comments of folks comparing SR to prior cables they used including many who converted from Transparent to SR in this thread:

Hope it helps.
You can not compare cables for a pair of speakers without referring the amplification, source and room acoustics, not to forget your own taste.
I have had Shunyata and Transparent with Wilson and they sound great, but completely different. My preferences depended on the system - with ARC I preferred the Shunyatas, the Transparent sounded great with conrad jonhson.
i use mit with my wilsons and feel pretty good with the synergy. i have not found a cable that will provide near the level of imaging that the mit does in my room. it's an old story but it is so much a matter of preference you just will not know until you hear it settled in your system. best of luck on your quest...
Wilson Sophia's mk2 / Ayre K1e Preamp / Krell FPB 300....general character of the system right now is very laid back and smooth...sometime very smooth even compared to the ARC Ref 3 with ARC Monos before I moved away from it. We wont get into that since that forum was started a year ago and still going. Just curious since I tried the designer reference IC and it was nice but its too late now since I just ordered the cables so we shall see.
Thanks for all your assistance.
Which SR cables did you order? The Des Ref are old to VERY old depending on which version you find used. The new Tesla stuff is much better starting at Accelerator, and state-of-the-art when you hit the Apex / Precision Reference combo.
Designer Reference, older but not the oldest.
Active? Non Active? Lights? Interconnects and speaker cable? Just speaker cable?
All active cables, spk cables and IC's. I need one more link and I am going to change that and see what happens.
I also have the new Tesla and Apex stuff that is coming on loan. I wil share once i am done.
I have been using the SR Designer Reference2 (Squared) ic with their active MMC box in the past and still have them. Although doing most of audiophile's requisites well (albeit in their own 'impressive' ways), they have this slight but consistent boost (unnatural punch and energy) to their mid to low bass no matter what the system or configuration--thus colored. However, for systems needing this aid--they are great. Tried Apex bal ic recently, they have ameliorated this somewhat and I found them to be the much better balanced cable in comparison.