Synergistic vs. Acoustic Zen

I'm looking to audition some under $1K speaker cables. Copper probably but open to silver. Looking to tighten up the bass some, add warmth, keep highs very open. Preference for intimate closer-mic'd forward sound vs. 20th row.

From my tooling around, I'm mulling over Acoustic Zen Satori or Holograms, and Synergistic active cables. I'm confused at the number of Synergistic cable variations and obviously can't afford their best models, are the older Signature X2 cables any good?

I won't buy new, I know I'll be swapping these out eventually and don't want to take a bath on resale.
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Thanks Tvad. I'll definitely check them out. Any other thoughts or suggestions? I'm thinking of getting a couple different brands to audition. Have you auditioned the AZ cables?
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I dont recommend the Synergistic X2's. They new Tesla line is 100% better. Look for some Tesla Accelerator speaker cables to come up used. They frequently do in the $800-$900 range.
I haven't tried Synergistic but I used to use AZ Satoris. They're an excellent cable and they do keep their value.
Thx Tvad, that's helpful. What's the difference between the Satori and the Hologram? They seem to be similarly priced, and AZ's site seems to infer that the Hologram is maybe the warmer of the two, which to me sounds like a fatter bottom end, is that right?

Try them both in your system then decide.
yeh, sorry bout that, just saw that after i posted. i guess the holograms are for 2 ways and the satori are for 3 ways, tho depending on the speaker, either one would work. sounds like the satori is another cable i might want to try. thanks leica.