Synergistic Universal Speaker & Interconnect Cells

After trying the Powercell 10SE and several Tesla Series cables (eg. T1, T3, Precision), I took the plunge and installed the Universal Speaker Cells.

The improvements exceeded my expectations and were bigger than prior gains in cable or component changes. It was easy to hear the improvements in dynamic range (due to lower noise floor), timbre, and soundstaging & imaging. My system now sounds more "real" and natural. The change was particularly apparent with female vocalists and percussive instruments (eg. piano).

My system continues to evolve and currently consists of VPI Aries (w JMW 10.5 & SDS), Ayre K1xe, Ayre V5xe, Bryston 4BSST2, Modwright 9000ES, Wavelength Cosecant v3 DAC, Usher BE-718 DMD, JL Audio Fathom F110, all resting on Symposium shelves & Rollerblocks.

Since my Ushers can be bi-wired, I will try that upgrade next.

Has anyone tried the Universal Interconnect Cells? What is the best place to try it? Will I get the best results between the pre and power amp?
I had a fill loom of the Apex wire. A lot of hype got me to try it but in the end I felt it was not as good as the JPS Aluminata loom I had. Putting back the JPS was a very big upgrade with a bigger soundstage and a much quieter cable.

The IC cells OTOH was a sonic improvement with the JPS loom I could not depart with. Highly recommended.
Where are all the SR boys?

They are all indulging in the main SR thread.... :)

I've also tried the Universal interconnects and speakers cells and I found for my application with my cables, they changed the overall sound which I didn't like. The music without the cells is more correct. Maybe because my system is already highly resolving with great P.R.A.T. I can see and truely believe where they will excel in a system.

My cables are Tara Labs Zero Gold XLR, VD Gen. 2 & VD Rev-2 speaker cables running true bi-wire.