Synergistic Resolution Ref. with Piega P10

Does anyone have experience with Synergistic Research Resolution Reference with MPC and Piega P10 driven by Audio Research VT100 MK3?
This may only confuse you; I have ALL Syn. active ics. I bought the Res.Ref .5 speaker wire at the same time. I don't have any of your pieces but I do have pretty good stuff. I used the speaker wire for 6/9 mos. so it wasn't like there wern't enough miles-for breakin. I know they have since come out w/ active speaker wire; ain't tried that. All I know is that 1/3 the price wires sounded better to me.---I'm now using Celtic silver--- and I'm sure there is better. I just decided to get off 'that' merrygoround,for now.