Synergistic ResearchReference .5 Xseries SpkrCable

Any comments on this cable (With the Active Shielding thing you plug in with a wall wart)? Thank you.
Note it's the ".5" version.

It's for Sonus Fabers.
Bump on this query. Any general comments on low-mid price Synergistic speaker cables are also welcome, say, compared to Cardas, which I am familiar with. Thank you.
Hi Rgs92 - the .5 series cables are a hybrid cable made of 1/2 Signature 10 and 1/2 Resolution Reference. They should be a pretty good match with Sonus speakers. You will find S/R cables have a bigger soundstage and will be more dynamic (lively) sounding than Cardas in most systems, although the thing about generalities is that there are LOTS of exceptions. I hope this helps.
Yes thank you! I will give them a try. I happen to have a pair I took in trade long ago. If they sound interesting, I may try higher versions of Synergistics.
OK these SR cables are very nice & are keepers. Very nice friendly bass, non-aggressive highs, smooth mids. Thanks for the help Jwpstayman!