Synergistic Research UEF Acoustic Dots?

I guess the Cables forum is as good as any for this topic.

I just got mine today and was wondering if anyone else had had a chance to implement them?

I'm going to play around with them this weekend by slowly adding them as outlined by SR and probably try them in unconventional places as well such as on power cord connectors, component chassis, ETC...

So has anyone else tried the Acoustic Dots?


I have not, but I look forward to your review!
I'm looking forward to your experience with the dots as well. 

I've had the Dots for a week and they have proven to be extremely flexible in their applications. They do have a very positive influence when placed as SR recommends but I've also found that when placed on my ASC corner traps they really improve the precision of the soundstage and articulatation of the bass frequencies.

I've also applied them to some electronic components as well, namely the input EMI/RF filter on my balanced power conditioner in the HT with very good results! Picture acuity and color density improved on my plasma monitor as well as a solidification of the soundstage and movie sound effects.

Overall so far the Dots have impressed in every application I've implemented them in and I will continue to report out as I experiment further.

Stay tuned...

The Synergistic Research Dots will be demonstrated at the upcoming Newport Beach audio show June 3-4-5, at the Hotel Irvine, Irvine, California.

This is a fabulous audio event lasting all weekend.

A wonderful opportunity to hear the equipment and meet the principals of the various companies.

As a bonus there will also be a lot of live music being played.

David Pritchard

Has anyone compared these UEF dots to the HFT's? I've tried a friend's set of the HFT's in my system and found them to solidify the bass notes but tend to thin out the mid-range slightly.